what does everybody think of fall 2007 makeup.

  1. if everybody doesn't know already the chanel website has the fall line of makeup out. so what does evreybody think about it. i happen to like it. it is different.:tup:
  2. Pretty colors, I really like it!! I love everything about their beauty products.
  3. The 3 lipgloss compact looks really pretty, different!
  4. I just bought some lipstick - love the casing.
  5. the colors look great. i want to pick up the new glossimer, ASAP!!! i'm a huge chanel cosmetics fan
  6. I guess I like the winter/holiday collections more since they add more sparkle and glitz.
  7. Just got the Fall eye shadow quad in "Sequoia" and the colors are really pretty. Went in for a Glossimer with no makeup on (I was heading for the gym later) and within 30 seconds of purchasing the Glossimer, the scary NM Chanel makeup ladies had me in the chair, piling on the makeup, LOL! While the colors were gorgeous and I definitely walked out looking better than I did when I walked in, I found myself wearing cocktail party makeup to the YMCA and curiously lighter in the pocketbook! I'm telling you, those ladies could sell ice to an Eskimo.:rolleyes:
  8. i love there makeup especially the lip gloss it stays on forever. i just bought most of the winter collection.
  9. its sooo pretty... Im buying some eyeshadows and a lipgloss
  10. Do u guys put any lipstick under the lipgloss or just apply the lipgloss by itself?