What does DH mean?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Can someone explain to me what DH means? I know it stands for ___ husband. Right? Even though I've been a member for a while - I still haven't picked up on most of the abbreviations. So if someone could just quickly tell me what most of them mean - that would be great!! Any and all explanations for most of the abbreviations on this forum would be awesome! Thanks!
  2. Dear husband/darling husband
  3. Yay thanks! Okay, I know there's one for like purse hating husband.... right? What would the abbreviation be for that? Any other ones I should know about?
  4. PHH=Purse hatin Hubby..LOL..My personal invention...heehee
  5. TIA=Thanks In Advance
    KWIM=Know What I Mean
  6. There is an abbreviations directory in the Feedback section.:yes:
  7. DH, depending on the day, stands for:

    Dear or Darling Hubby
    Dreadful Hubby
    Dorky Hubby
    Disgusting Hubby
    Droning Hubby
    That Darned Hubby!
  8. Thanks! I could've sworn there was something like that around here. That's what I was looking for but couldn't find it. Thanks again.
  9. Ohhhh that's what it means..hehe I'm such a newbie
  10. Dear / Damn Husband! Hehehe! just kidding.. it's DEAR husband!
  11. I always read it as DUTIFUL HUBBY. It always gets my PHH riled up! ;)
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