What does carrying around a beat-up bag communicate?

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  1. Everything about our appearance communicates to others, and I'm wondering what you think when you see a woman carrying a beat-up, way past its prime bag? (I don't mean well-worn bags that have a patina - I'm talking dirty, torn, etc.)
  2. I'm not sure what it communicates but I recall vividly the two times I saw women carrying very beat up, dirty and worn looking Birkin's that I thought to myself "Wow, it must be the only bag she owns, I guess she's had it for while and can't buy another one becase it's so expensive." I hope that wasn't *****y, because I wasn't being *****y - that's just the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the condition of the bags.
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    Even before joining tPF I never carried around beat-up bags. I carried non-designer but new, clean and not scruffy bags. I just hate torn corners and battered and dirty leather, yet I see many of those bags around.

    Even in my place of work - where average salaries are quite high - just a few days ago I saw a woman carrying a bag just good enough for the trashcan. It was a backback of some sort (old-fashioned model), the leather - or plastic - was peeling away, the torn corners were dirty (as it often happen with this type of damage). Otherwise she was dressed OK.

    It really looked like she was carrying that piece of dirt around without even noticing..... and what does that communicate to me? "I am a very serious person who cannot be bothered by such vain pursuits as buying and carrying a nice handbag." At least, that's the environment in my office - lots of people who think they're saving the world and cannot waste any time or money.... But I think you can still save the world and carry a decent (at least clean) bag [​IMG]
  4. Maybe that she's particularly attached to her bag, possibly for sentimental reasons...? My husband bought me my first Mulberry bag and I shall use it until it's falling apart (along with my other Mulberrys!). I'm one of those women who forms curious attachments to bags though - to me they're not so much about 'fashion' (I'm not a fan of fashion as such) and I detest the 'it bag' thing. I love having a small collection of bags which I use alternately and they each carry memories of day/evenings out, events, etc.
  5. I think that type of woman has a lot going on in her life and is probably too busy to even think about what the condition of her bag is in. I have a friend who carries her bags until they are practically thread bare and falling off the straps, and she doesn't even give it a second thought. She's pretty busy and not too particular about her appearance either.
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    When I see a woman carrying a beat up birkin which is beyond repair meaning torn or looking like it's being run down by a car, my impression is that the lady abused the birkin excessively and a wrecker.:Push:

    I'm all for a beat up birkin with a nice patina because it goes to show the user treats a luxury item as part of her lifestyle, knows that though it's a birkin, it's just a bag at the end of the day and to assume that it's her 'only' birkin is totally wrong.:yes: I personally like mine to look beaten up and not 'fresh' out of the box. Even though Jane Birkin (:heart::heart: her) abused her birkins with stickers and even stepping on it, it's not the point where it's torn and being run down over by a car.;)
  7. I think that the lady is going somewhere that calls for an old bag and she doesn't want to ruin her newer ones.
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  8. I recently saw a woman carrying a Bal bag that was yellow and was dirty with red marks on it. I thought maybe she got it on Ebay and wanted to carry a designer bag regardless of the condition ...or maybe she doesn't take care of her expensive things.
    If I see someone with a cheap, beat up bag, it just says to me that person doesn't care much about their bag or their appearance.
  9. I just think.... whoa...that lady needs a new bag...
  10. A few thoughts go through my head, first being that person has either really loved on that bag or really thrashed that bag depending on the season of the bag or maybe they received it as a hand me down in that condition. Second, maybe that person doesn't have the means to be able to replace the bag or perhaps they don't really care as long as they're wearing a designer name, maybe their priorities are different. Third, just get a new bag, doesn't matter if its from Walmart or Louis Vuitton, it completes an outfit and makes you look well put together.:P
  11. Everywhere I go I see bags, but I think we are the exception and most women hardly think about it. That's what I see when I see a beat up bag ... maybe that woman never thinks twice about it (I know, so hard to relate with for us bag lovers!), or maybe she really loves the bag, maybe she's been so busy with her career, school, children or LIFE that she hasn't even considered the state of her bag. I know that in college the last thing on my mind when I was busy was what bag I was holding.
  12. When I was younger, 12 or 13, I had a pink XOXO purse that I adored. It was one of my first legit handbags. I wore it until it was beat to hell. It's still in my closet, but it came to a point where I had to stop carrying it because I felt it sent a message that I didn't care about my belongings or how I looked/presented myself. Especially now, if I see a beat up LV or Chanel I just think it looks tacky and definitely sends a message you don't know how to take care of your belongings.
  13. Sorry I'm the minority here - I actually think it depends on the style of the bag.

    Bags are so personal

    Sometimes it looks great - like a beyond repair pair of denim jeans (that designers now make shredded, faded and ripped as a design feature).

    Hermes/LV - usually says 'I'm carrying an original vintage heirloom hand-me-down' . THAT IS HOW LOUIS VUITTON IMAGINED HIS TRUNKS AND TRAVEL BAGS. Practical and hard wearing and to last several lifetimes

    This whole 4 new bags a season and 'keep up with the Joneses' is not tasteful

    Some of my CHANEL/LV/BV/Burberrys etc are 'vintage' I think they'd look weird if they didn't show a little 'age'. I try to look after them, use dust bags etc but I'd hate it if they looked pristine.

    I actually think highly of people who buy/own the bag they love, wear it, enjoy it and just get on with living.
  14. Someone I know carries around a beat-up, never cared-for, 'on it's last legs' bag. Bags just don't enter her consciousness at all. It's just something to carry her stuff in! I don't think she'd get another unless this one broke.
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    I agree w/you on bags that show age meaning that the owner loves the bag.:ghi5:

    I think what the OP meant and I'm referring to is something like this:


    Examples from the thread above (more there);