What does BV Stingray feel like?

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  1. I think I saw a discussion a while back, but don't remember feeling like I got a handle on it. I've only seen one non-label stingray bag before at a shop in D.C. It was very structured and felt very plasticy. At about 20 bucks, I was tempted to buy it because it was unusual, but I couldn't stand how it felt.

    But BV makes stingray bags and I cannot imagine it would feel like the one I saw. There's one at TRR right now (silver). Because it is BV, I want to know that it is soft and squishy and delicious; that I would want to fondle it if I were carrying it. But because it is stingray, I cannot imaging it would feel like that--all soft and chewy.

    What gives? Who can describe it? I'm dying to know, but clearly not curious enough to buy one to satisfy my curiosity.
  2. BV stingray is a very durable leather. It is not soft and shmooshy like nappa. I have the small sting ray cross body with a chain in Byzantine. Its a very structured bag. My bag is about about 3 years old and has not softened. I’ll try to locate a photo although it won’t really help with the feel of the bag. I saw a black bag like mine on the RealReal. It was sold.
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  3. I have a stingray knot with silver/hematite embellishments.
    Its a structured material, durable as Mousse mentions & will not soften over time, IMO
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