What does "burnt" look like?

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  1. Anyone have any pics of the burnt color? Possibly in a work style? Thanks
  2. Here is burnt (aka Rouille - if you do a search on that you might find a few work) in the city style:


    I adore this color. It goes with blues and greens and blacks and creams, just about everything. :heart:
  3. Another shot:

  4. I had a disastrous feeling when I read the thread's title... LOL!
    Then I saw the pretty rouille pics and felt better ;)
    It's going to be very interesting to see the new rouille and how it compares to last year's.
  5. Wow - that is yummy looking rouille!!:P
  6. Thanks!! I so wish I had got the Rouille Work that was offered to me last year. But the city is awesome :heart: