What does "Brasso" really do? r/o

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  1. The hardware on my epi has turned that blackish color in certain spots....will Brasso make it golden/brassy again or just add shine?

  2. If the hardwares only get tarnished, yes brasso can make it gold and shiny again. Nothing Brasso can do if the hardwares were chipped. May be you can clean it with brasso if the blackish spots are from oxidation not chipping..give it a try..good luck.
  3. Very true. There's actually another product I like better than Brasso; results are faster and the smell is a lot nicer. I'm at work right now, so I can't give you the name off the top of my head...I'll try to reply back to this if I remember. :yes:
  4. Wenol dapped on with cotton swabs works well also...
  5. Well, what any of these metal polishes "really" do is to strip away a thin layer of the oxidized metal, exposing the reduced metal underneath. So you're essentially using the chemical and a cloth to rub away metal ions from the top surface. Was that the answer you were looking for? ;)
    I'm sure any generic metal polish that is approved for brass would be fine, it doesn't have to be Brasso brand. I would just be careful of getting any of it onto the leather. I believe though that on new hardware that still has the clearcoat intact, Brasso or other polishes probably wouldn't be effective. They might even remove the clearcoat prematurely and start the hardware tarnishing faster.
  6. Found it: Councours Metal Polish. :yes:
  7. Also, sometimes just a polish cloth can work...I try that first, since then there is no chance to get cleaner on the vachetta.
  8. Sunshine polishing cloths work great. You can find them on ebay. They aren't messy like brasso. HTH
  9. I use toothpaste! Works great, inexpensive, and smells fresh;)
  10. ^^^ Thanks for the polishing cloth suggestion. I have been wanting to polish the hardware on one of my bags, but I was too nervous about using Brasso. I have a bottle that I bought to polish my boyfriend's antique Menorah, and that stuff stinks! If it smells that bad, I can only imagine what kind of damage it would cause if you got it on leather or canvas.