What does boyfriend/husband/SO like to see YOU wearing?

  1. Does your boyfriend/husband/SO like to see you wearing a particular outfit? Does he have a favorite that he sometimes requests you wear? (This is a G-rated question, so we are not talking undergarmets :nogood:)

    My fiance's favorite outfit of mine is definitely:
    Rachel Pally bra-top tunic (ivory)
    Cropped (brown) leggings (he's crazy about leggings)
    KORS 5.5" tall wedge espadrilles

    His second choice would always be a pair of True Religion skinny jeans worn with practically anything.
  2. My guess is something short... :roflmfao:
  3. He like me super casual, jeans, tee, no makeup.
  4. He likes it when I wear either knee lenght or shorter skirts which is like 85% of the time, so he's happy :biggrin:
    And he loves heels and doesn't like flat shoes on women, so we're a match made in heaven because I never wear flat shoes XD
  5. i have this black baby doll that he loves .. it just a scopp neck baby doll that comes to right under my chest .. it drives him crazy . i think its b/c it resembles a maternity top .. weird!! LOL
  6. My BF makes it known that he dislikes "plain" women or women who don't care about their appearance, adorn themselves, wear makeup,etc. He's like, "They may as well be a dude." LOL He likes me in suits and heels (he's probably bought me ten since we've been together; I wear them for work when I have a class to teach), cropped pants/long shorts with nice sneaks, and dresses (like sundresses) with heels. He likes me with my hair, makeup, and nails "did", and he has a thing for lip gloss. Seems to me that most men are simple. Whether or not they admit it they want eye candy.
  7. Funny thing is, when I met DH I wore a lot of skirts, some short, some midcalf pencil types, and lots of fresh, swinging t-length.

    But DH luuuuuuuvs jeans. A pair of jeans and high heels is my uniform 90% of the time! They can be jeweled stilettos or lots of straps, doesn't matter to him. Pair that off with a long (bra included) top and he'll stare at me all day.

    I rock that look so much I have to make conscious efforts to switch it up a little... When I do, it's hip hugger shorts with tall wedges. I just realized last week I own no flats or flips - just heels!

    So I broke down and bought some jeweled "flips"... I LOOK high maintenance, but the truth is I'm soooooo not. :p
  8. My bf used to love it when I wore Juicy and Lululemon sweatsuits, but I hardly wear those anymore. Right now I think he likes these shorts I just bought, but I can't think of a favourite outfit in particular. He knows not to criticize anything I wear!
  9. Bart just read this, and his first response was "NOTHING!!" lmao.

    He says that he likes to see me in things that I am comfortable in - like jeans and a sweater or even my bum-around-the-house clothes. He likes the more natural look :smile:
  10. ^^Lol same here.
    It was funny though, as for makeup, in some magazine there was a poll of guys and they asked them which look they liked more: no makeup, a decent amount of makeup or full on makeup. Most of them chose the middle one and they called it the "natural look" lol. So I guess their idea of natural is different from ours.
    That said, my guy also likes when I wear Juicy Couture's velour or terrycloth pants.
  11. my bf loves me in juicy sweats, or my james perse loungewear.

    if we're going out, he loves me in skirts, but i really rarely wear skirts, so maybe that's why.
  12. My Joerocket racing gear, he swear that is the best outfit on me..:graucho:
  13. I have been with my husband for almost ten years and I honestly don't know what he likes me in! :confused1: He always says "that looks nice" but never comments on specifics. It's my best friend's boyfriends that comment if something is working or not! I guess a sundress or a skirt?
  14. My boyfriend likes me slightly dressed up..
    I have a short, slim gray pinstriped skirt, that he loves, with black Gucci 3.5in heels. After that, a TEENY bit of eyeshadow, and any dress shirt finishes up the look.
  15. A nice sundress.