What does Bonnie Cashin mean?

  1. I keep seeing this term in eBay listings. Who or what is Bonnie Cashin?
  2. I believe she was one of the original designers for coach, the legacy stripes are inspired by her designs. I'm sure someone else can give you more details on the history.
  3. I know that Bonnie Cashin was a very influential designer in sportswear fashion. I think mostly during 1950's-1970's. She also designed for Coach in the 60's.
  4. Bonnie Cashin was the most influential designer Coach has had in it's history.
    Case in point - Coach always goes back to it's archives to revamp Bonnie Cashin
    designs for today's consumer. You can find vintage Bonnie Cashin Coach handbags
    on eBay. When an ebay seller mentions Bonnie Cashin they are letting the buyer
    know that it is an original Bonnie Cashin which are highly collectible.

    Bonnie Cashin (1908 - 2000) is considered one of the most significant pioneers of designer ready-to-wear, more commonly called sportswear, in America. Among the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful designers of the 20th century, Cashin was revered for her intellectual, artistic, and independent approach to fashion. Treating clothing as collage or kinetic art, she sculpted designs from luxurious organic materials including leather and mohair, both of which she first championed as appropriate for high-end fashion, as well as tweed, mohair, cashmere, and wool jersey. She initiated the use of industrial hardware on clothing and accessories, most famously with the brass toggle that she incorporated into her handbag designs for Coach, the company for which she launched a women accessories division in 1962. Favoring timeless shapes from the history of world clothing, her staple silhouettes included ponchos, tunics, Noh coats and kimonos, all of which allowed for ease of movement and manufacture. Cashin is also credited with introducing the concept of layering to fashion.
  5. The problem is that a lot of sellers use the Bonnie Cashin name in their listings even when the bag they're selling has no connection to Bonnie Cashin at all. Cashin had left Coach by 1974, so only bags made in the mid to late 60's to early 70's are actually Bonnie Cashin-era bags. Anyone who lists newer bags with Cashin in the listing is either clueless or trying to mislead potential buyers.
  6. Never knew about this. Thanks for mentioning this or I would have never known! I should research more on my obsession. My loved ones are always asking is Coach a person, like Chanel or Marc Jacobs and etc.
  7. This info is helpful.
    I was thinking that she was with Coach for a longer time....as Hyacinth mentioned, E-bay has many bags listed under Cashin that are not.