What does batignolles mean? :) And any idea how much the VVN Panda keyring is? :)

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  1. Hi gals! I am seriously considering getting the batignolles vertical or the popincourt haut before dec. 14 ends and I was just wondering what batignolles is? is it a place? hehe.

    Oh and opinions about the better buy are all welcome! :smile:

    also I want to get my hands on a VVN panda keyring but there's none in elux.. any idea how much they sell that? :smile: it's so cute and can be placed on both the damier and the mono canvas.:love:
  2. i personally don't like either. i like horizontal over the vertical.
  3. thanks for the opinion! i was primarily looking to get the BH too but when i tried it on, bf said i was too skinny for it... the BV looked and felt easier to carry for me. :smile:
  4. Batignolles may have two meanings. One is Boulevarde Batignolles in France, a street, so it's a place. OR it might refer to an advocate for Marie-Antoinette (I htink...most likely her, or some other famous French queen), so it's a person. I personally think that it's more likely the lawyer-dude cuz...well...if you think about the street, ask: who/what is this street named after??? which leads you back to a PERSON.

    And I prefer Popincourt haut
  5. thanks CEC! such a quirky explanation.. was looking at it over the net too. :smile: saw pics of the village batignolles and pics of a street market there as well..
  6. found it!

    Batignolles is an authentic Parisian neighborhood complete with cafes, antiques shops, flower markets, art galleries, churches, and of course—bakeries.

    B[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]atignolles grew from a small village of country houses built by the elites of Paris during the First Empire. When the residents needed a church, King Charles X and Madame la duchesse d'Angoulême personally donated the funds to build the exquisite Église Sainte-Marie des Batignolles. The church, overlooking la Place du Docteur Félix-Lobligeois, still serves Batignolles residents, both spiritually and as a venue for classical music concerts.[/FONT]

    heehee just a little something for batignolles owners :smile:
  7. Thanks Cece and Pixie..good to know..I know some hotels with the name of batiggnolles hehe
  8. ooh bagsnbags! i think i remember a pic of you with a damier with the panda keyring! was it you? :smile:
  9. very cute!!!! how much does it run for? :smile:
  10. love the panda on damier :smile:
  11. I think there are a few Panda cles in the US still, I remember a few posts ago that there's a sudden increase in appearance of Panda items in LV stores, may be try calling around? :yes:

    I think it's approx US$160-ish, I am not sure...
  12. thanks missL! :smile:
  13. hmm....I heard somewhere that the Batignolles was a street market in Paris? :shrugs:
  14. it's a quaint parisian village! it also has a street market. :smile: popincourt is a street market as written in the elux description :smile: