what does an Azap wallet look like inside?

  1. :shrugs: I'd love some pics..........!:flowers:
  2. ooohhh!!!! I like!!!
  3. I like the Azap too! I am a little perplexed why my SA has not mentioned about this wallet when she knows I am looking for a wallet?!

    I checked the retail price for this wallet and it is priced S$100 (USD50-ish) more than the tri-fold Bearn wallet. I wonder how this is priced in US, Europe, Japan & even Australia.

    I'd to call and ask one of the SA, and was told there is a back-order for these wallets, and they will be limited in numbers.:sad:
  4. Beverly Hills has them.
  5. Here's a pic of mine - I love it! Cost was $1900 though - ouch!

    wallet 002.jpg
  6. SHOES!!! THANK YOU!!! What size is yours?? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is unconfirmed information - I was told there are 2 sizes. The ladies' model is longer and is just like the one shoes posted, where it cannot be opened fully - just about 40 degrees angle. The other one is unisex, or for men; where the zip can open the wallet up fully.

    I find the Azap a wonderful complement to the Bearn, if I may say so. Perfect for keeping all the extra shopping discount cards etc, and all the shopping receipts, and not over-stressing the delicate Bearn.:heart:
  8. Yep - I agree Mrs S....the Bearn is too delicate for me - I'm going to get an Azap as my everyday wallet.....would siut me far better than a Bearn.....now....colour........?????? I'm thinking of doing everything in red........
  9. Since that thread that showed the rainbow of colours inside members' H bags, I am inclined to consider a repertoire of different colours for small leather goods for myself. This will be a slow but satisfying acquisition process for me. I can't say I like every single Hermes small leather goods. Some just do not meet my daily or practical needs.

    Do you know what leathers the Azap come in? Epsom for sure, but what else? Since you are good with your leathers and colours, I think you are the best person to decide what leather to get to bring out the beauty of each different colour.:P
  10. GF, I think the size is about 3.5x 7 or so -- just right! I love that everything is secure -- I had the bearn for a minute but never used it as it just wasn't right for me - although I may eat those words and get one someday lol! I like that I can easily bring this along into a store without carrying a purse if necessary, etc. and there is more than enough rooom for everything...and then some! My only real problem is that....my beautiful cyclamen clashes with my rouge h lol!! Can't get another one right now but partially wish I did get a different color....one that would go with my ever changing collection. I did purchase a zip Chanel wallet thinking I could use that while carrying the rouge h but no.....never used it....can't part with the azap!!
  11. shoes, your zip wallet is lovely! i love the color!
  12. Me, too! The stitching on my bearn came "unravelled"...hmmm...now an option for consideration after I "dry out" (current member of H-Aholics Anon)...
  13. SoCal, where on your Bearn is the stitching coming off? How long have u had it? I'm wanting to get a Bearn as well, just waiting for the right colour to come in but this has now got me a little concerned.
  14. Just bumping this up............ SoCal?:flowers: