What does a virgin Chloe-girl start with???

  1. Well, I am decided on these beautiful Chloe bags, but which one is the "one." Like your first boyfriend that you'll never forget...

    I am finally stepping into the designer bags that I have always dreamed about (yes I can say that here... without feeling like a total freak!)

    But which one should I get for my first:blush:.

    I have been looking at the Paddington (classic), Silverado (so cool), Betty (so practical), this gorgeous Elvire tote(so classy), and I could never forget the breathtaking patent Heloise...:drool:

    I have even found some great deals, some sales, even learning to pick winners on eBay. :yahoo: (The expert has approved a couple of my picks anyways)...

    Please help!!! And then I read the BBB and I KNOW I must pick only ONE!!! :crybaby: Now I know why we need the BBB!!!

    Thanks all!
  2. I'd go w/ the Paddington. =)
  3. I love my Betty best, it is so roomy, practical and edgy... but the paddington is very nice as well...
    I would recommend checking measurements as well... some bags may be excessively large whereas others will be too small for your needs...
    Keep us posted on your decision!

  4. Have you thought about the Quilted Bay ? That is my all time favourite handbag design ever:love: ( not just within Chloe but all the other brands I've ever owned). If you haven't seen a Bay IRL , have a look in the Chloe reference section in the 'All about The Bay' section. I think it's a really classic design with funky detailing,holds a ton of stuff so really practical, comfortable to wear, comes in a whole range of gorgeous colours both matte & patent leather and it's very tactile too (people always want to stroke the quilting on my bags, but maybe I've just got weird friends:lol: !).

    I think it's one of the Chloe designs that is less likely to date than some of the other more modish styles and there aren't quite as many fakes around either ( although beware eBay where you can find some real stinkers:yucky:).

    Anyway, there are lots of great deals on Bays in the current sales ( LVR, AR and Sacoche have some splendid markdowns) so definitely worth a look I reckon:yes:.
  5. I'd say a paddington definitely..
  6. My vote - paddington to start! You'll be surprised how fast the others get added to your collection as the year progresses!
    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  7. If you can go to store to try a bunch of them on and see what suits your style best. Each and very Chloe has its own characteristics and they are quite unique bags so see which one talks to You...That concept might be a little tough with harder to fnd style like the silverado, edith and betty. And to make matters worse is that every bag has a few colours it is really pops in.

    It took me a LOT of buying and selling before finding some Chloes I just LOVE. My Chloes now include the Paddington front pocket (didn't love the classic style), the edith in black messenger and regular in whiskey, Black patent Elvire Hobo, and small Moka Ava.

    I have not loved the regular paddy satchel regular leather or patent, tall paddy satchel with side pockets, paddy hobo, quilted bay bag (too big for me)

    Good luck....
  8. I am completely in love with my quilted bay! I've just started using it since Christmas, and it's WAY more user friendly than I had imagined. I think it's going to look great formal or casual, black or brown (it's moka), day or evening.

    IMO it's a little more unexpected than a Paddy, but that's just me.
  9. I agree with mona_danya, if you can, go to the store and try them on. IRL, you may find some to be too heavy or look different IRL vs a picture. I hope you find the chloe that works best for you!
  10. If you can't go somewhere to try them on, you'll do what I did. You'll order something and if you're lucky, you'll love it. If not, you'll find something about it you don't love (it's too heavy, it's too big/small etc.) Then you must resell it (if bought on Ebay) or return it.

    Most of us have bought bags and for one reason or another regretted the decision. Sometimes it's simply that you found another bag that was a better deal. You're coming in a little late since we've just experienced some phenomenal sales. There are still some to be had, depending on which bag you decide to start with. Good luck!
  11. My first was a silverado and whilst i do love it (and was lemming it forever) i dont use it as much as i thought i would. Now its all about getting a paddy for me - i think i will use it more for some reason (thank you imonpurseblog :heart:)
  12. Yay :yahoo:at last another vote for the Bay !!! I second everything you said:yes:.
  13. another vote for the paddington... it's iconic!
  14. Tagullah, I think you definitely get the be President of the fan club with your collection of Bays, but I would love to be VP!

    BTW, when you are done with your shameful bag juggling, can we see an updated photo of the collection?

    I :heart:BAY BAG
  15. Tres you make this hard by not zeroing in on one purse. You're all over the board so no matter which Chloe you buy, you will not be completely happy. You have found the right board to be on.:shame:

    So get the one that presents itself to you (like a cat choosing it's owner**hey that's how I got mine**) and then, know in your heart, that you will only be procuring more.:jammin: