What does a UPS van look like? LOL

  1. My Muse finds itself out for delivery with UPS and I'm on the 8th floor,doorbell not working:sad: .

    I have never seen the UPS bag because they've always dropped things at my neighbour's when I'm at work. But today I'm here...what does the van look like?

    I know DHL has the siren yellow...so easy to spot....

    I'm just scared that for some reason UPS does a DHL today and takes my bag right back with them instead of dropping it with a neighbour!!!

    Thanks:idea: .
  2. I think you should be looking for a big brown UPS truck! :lol:
  3. Thanks hun!!!! I'm scooting over to the window with my breakfast and a huge cup of coffee:lol: .

    (They'll probably come and go while I'm in the ladies room for 2 minutes:lol: :lol: )
  4. Wow, it's morning there? It's like 1pm here in Cali.

    I hope the UPS truck is the same color there...
  5. You'll know it's UPS when a brown truck drives past the destination and your tracking progress says that an "attempt was made".

    Does your floor have a mail center? Or a receptionist? If so, UPS will most likely leave it with them (if they're not too lazy to walk up there).

    Ha, can you tell I hate UPS?
  6. 1am Irissy... not 1pm. ;)

    and i agree with you jenny, UPS is so lazy. unless there's signature required, they'll just leave the package where it's convenient.
  7. Ha ha... oops I meant 1AM!! Can't you tell I'm already tired? :lol:
  8. Hey, I'm in Cal too! - Is it raining where you guys are? It's been pouring all day here....
  9. YES!! It's been pouring the whole day here and I heard it's going to rain up until this weekend. Well, at least the weather is saving me money since all I want to do is stay home and curl under a warm blanket. :P
  10. Ummm, sounds very snug. I actually like going to bed when it rains and hearing the rain hit the roof...

    So no more staying up to seeing if Bluefly updates, guys? *wink*
  11. Don't tempt me spiralsnowman! :cry:
  12. Lol...

    I'm missing our bleary-eyed conversations; and "do you guys see anything yet?" :amuse: :P
  13. what! ladies, don't ditch me to stalk bluefly all by myself!

    I don't have that much money!! ;P

    ok, i admit, i don't have any so therefore you ladies must stay up so i convince you guys to buy all the nice purses
  14. UPS are brown here in the UK, where it's 10.30am, the sun is shining :biggrin: .... and I have work to do :sad: .... and all I want to do is sign for a payment I'm expecting then hit Selfridges handbag dept for some drooling, some note-taking for future purchases and some outrageously expensive accessories for my Miu Miu bag!:love: :love: :love:
  15. Does anyone else have a smokin' hot UPS delivery guy?:nuts: I make sure to be home when I'm receiving a package.:worried: