What does a Speedy 30 cost in a US boutique?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    My boyfriend wants to purchase a Speedy 30 for me (my first LV! So excited!). It costs $670 Canadian at the Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. I would just like to know the cost of one in a US boutique...see if it's worth the while to go to Seattle?

  2. I think it's $620 plus the tax..
  3. I don't think it's worth it...taking into consideration the time, and gas money (if you're driving) or whatever transportation/shipping...better off buying in...ALBERTA! :graucho: Come to Calgary!
  4. YAAY For ALBERTA lol I love going to Alberta, no PST :yahoo:

    It isn't worth going to the US, unless your in the US already. Or if your in Alberta for a reason. Than its worth it.

    And we cannot order from Eluxury :crybaby:
  5. Let gas go down a little bit more, then drive here!
    You save...uhhh 7% PST? (Don't remember, is it more/less?) On a $670 bag? That's $46.90. So, if it takes you less than $46.90 to fill your fuel tank up so that there's enough gas for the round trip from BC to Alberta, then that's DEFINITELY worth it! :yahoo:

    LOL :lol:
  6. I paid $620....NO TAX :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies! I'll let my bf know! :smile:
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