What does a HHHottie keep in her Purse?

  1. Ick, my sister used to throw up from anxiety attacks... NO FUN LIVING WITH HER... she's exactly why I am phobic of vomit.. :throwup: :throwup:
  2. BB and MT - What funny puke stories!! Ya gotta be able to look back and just laugh now, even if it was gross, embarassing etc. then.

    And that's the thing with life. You look back and can laugh at things that at the time you never would have.
  3. I keep the usual stuff in my purse but I also carry snacks-a protein or dried fruit bar, almonds, something like that. Otherwise I get hungry and crave the evil fast food. I also carry ibuprofen because headaches suck. But that's me. :smile: I don't have any crazy puking stories other than when I've had too much to drink!
  4. ^ Jennifer - My son is a puker. When my daughter was a baby and starting to eat rice cereal, we had to make sure Levi wouldn't look at her otherwise he'd barf everywhere. He can't even look at a bowl of oatmeal without gagging. I had to tell his teachers that if he barfs in school, don't worry about it. It's normal! I was kind of hoping he'd grow out of it but maybe not, huh? :throwup:

    Gingey - I had terrible "morning" sickness all day, every day for both kids. I barfed in a few odd spots but yours beats them all!!!
  5. All this barf talk! :sick: Good idea about the safety pins and band aids. There were so many times that I wished that I had a safety pin!
  6. And a hair band/tie... and a headband if you have room.

    Today I went to my mom's chat group, TOTally remembered my slipper socks and was GOLDen. She had a chillyish house w. wood floors, and I didn't wear socks like usual, and it was a no-shoes house... and I rocked it. With my PL ramone, too!
  7. ^^^:lolots: Sorry, I am just thinking about what this looked like! LOL!
  8. Remember those foldable plastic rain bonnets ladies used to keep in their purses so their beauty shop 'do didn't get rained on? Wonder if those are even still around, where would you buy them now that Woolworths is gone?

    You're introducing your girls to the joys of wristlets and carry alls too aren't you Bri? I dunno know how we ever got along without them to hold all the necessities.
  9. kate, you can get them at walmart and walgreens....lol...i've put a walmart bag on my head before to keep my hair from getting ruined...

    I carry those little colgate wisps in my purse to freshen my teeth before meetings and things....i used to carry mouthwash, but this is so much easier...
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    Small. resealable package of baby wipes..so useful for so many things.
  11. can we sticky this so I can find it??lol -I keep losing this and I think its a great thread:smile:
  12. Lol!! I am still taking suggestions. I actually think that I have found it helpful myself.
  13. I once got one of those rain bonnets in a little case from a funeral home...they had a basket of them on a small table for the ladies to take.

    The bonnet was covered with little smiley faces like this one :smile:.

    Practical and chic.
  14. O.M.G. GINGEY! :sad: You stealth puker, you.

    I was in a fraternity house once (OU/OSU rival weekend) and barfed in a very sweet guy's Spuds MacKenzie Party Cup. And then all over his pile of laundry. Guess who has so much embedded guilt that she HAND WASHED a stranger's laundry at four in the morning, while still drunk? The guy went and got all his frat brothers to watch me do it... it was like better than porn for them. They all wanted to marry me, I think.
  15. ^^^Holy Shiitake! Jenni, I think I love you. That is friggin' hilarious! :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao::lolots: