What does a HHHottie keep in her Purse?

  1. ^ was just going to say that! And one of those little brushes that folds into itself with a mirror on the other end...tiny and comes in handy. And travel sized deodorant of course. :lol:
  2. It's okay, Cho!! :hugs: That little knife couldn't do any damage. Oooh. Threaten me with what's basically a nail file?? So scared. Right. Into your face with the bloody mary w/extra tabasco. Someone just SIT on this dude.

    We're reviewing our exit/security plans at school (most of my classrooms have windows that don't open, no phones, doors with no locks that open out into the hallway). I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to get some mace or pepper spray for my SCHOOL bag. I've had run-ins with a couple of students throughout the years, and these last few have seen an increase in the number of disturbed, medicated, stressed-to-the-max students, with the economy and the fact that we're an open-enrollment campus.
  3. And sadly, as we saw last week, professors and staff aren't immune to buckling and resorting to violence.
  4. Wow! Thank you ladies so much for all of your input! I am working on the list now, and I think the secret compartment is a great idea. Mace is a great idea because most of the girls live in a shady part of town. Dress for success is a great program; the outreach center uses the same idea to help women and men around here get appropriate attire. The sad thing, there are literally no jobs to be found anywhere- even fast food and janitorial!!! Oh well. We also help some of the high school girls with preparing resumes and practice interviewing too. I have started working n brag books for the girls that are middle school aged and up; the idea is that they will want to accomplish more to fill it and use it as a tool to prepare for resume drafting and interviews.
  5. With all of the cuts to education, job stress, and mannerless students, I can see why. :sad:
  6. In addition to the usual wallet, makeup bag, pen (in makeup bag), tissues, iphone, keys, sunnies, I have:

    lipglosses/lotions in zip loc bag and an extra zip loc (I fly a lot for work and no way are those evil security people getting my lipglosses because they're not in the stupid little plastic bag;)

    Jawbone bluetooth headset (in an HH cp)
    Emergency power thingee for my iPhone (in another HH cp) - also has flash drive in same cp
    Often my Kindle is in my bag - you never know when you'll have some down time and I fly a lot - if not, I'll have a magazine stuffed in there
    Agenda (for taking notes in meetings only - use phone for contacts)
    Biz Card Case (HH Sophie)
    Sometimes I have my 3G card in there too - usually when I'm not carrying my laptop bag
    Same for my netbook - will take that if I don't want to carry laptop bag - it's so tiny it fits in most of my handbags
  7. Very cool idea -- I used to carry a small and very cool Swiss Army Knife before all the new airplane regs and it came in so handy at times -- I mainly fly domestic and don't have too many security issues - I need to get one of these!!!

  8. Dude!!
    You are so not a dude!! But like me, you've got the BALLZ of one!! :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Of course this thought is not helping me with my fear of flying, however, I hope you are on my flight just in case. You and I*ROD... Serious KICK ARSE combo... :boxing: :boxing: :boxing:
  9. And How coud I forget a PURSE HOOK??? Right, carlie?? ;)
  10. LOL that's right, Cho. :smooch:
  11. Oh and I just realized that you meant sit on the dude that needs to be detained. I thought you meant someone sit on you Jenni... Derrr...:noggin::girlwhack::wacko::lol::busted
  12. Ummmm, I literally had this happen to me for THREE MONTHS in a row... I was always sneaking over to the Kohls' to buy ANOTHER PAIR OF UNDERWEAR. Now I just keep a spare pair in my desk.
  13. The whistle for safety! AHA! Great idea... my whistle is usually in my purse b/c of coaching... OK, now it has other off season uses, too. FAB!!
  14. :lolots: That's what I meant! :heart: I was trying to reassure you that the wee little knife in the credit card tool wouldn't be much of a weapon :hugs: And that's the way you get over your fear... surround yourself with people you know would kick a bad guy's arse. Although, in all seriousness, the REAL things to fear about air travel are losing your luggage, smelly and obnoxious row-mates, not having exact change for your bloody mary, and (the worst) delays. It's all pretty boring :p
  15. Jen, that's what security experts say works better than yelling or screaming... it's also what we carry 'round here when you're hiking and camping :biggrin: