what does a coach bag come with?

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  1. i'll be buying my first coach this week (yaaay) and i want to make sure i leave the shop with everything that my coach bag was supposed to come with. i read about some lv owners not getting boxes with their purses and such, and i don't want that to happen to me. what will my coach bag come with? a dustbag, box, both, or none? and should i be getting any envelopes with information inside, etc. like lv bags have?
  2. If you are buying a full price bag at the boutique you will receive a dustbag, care card, receipt and price tag. Your receipt will come in a nice coach envelope thingy.
  3. You can also ask for a box if you want to store it in that. It's a sturdy gift box basically. Also, as mentioned above, the bags from the full price store come with a dugstbag (even if purchased at the outlet)...only the MFF (made for factory) bags don't come with a dustbag, which on a side rant, bothers me since they cost as much as many of the FP bags.
  4. If you get your purse from the FP, you should get the following:

    - purse :P
    - care card slipped into the interior side pocket
    - price tag
    - dustbag
    - tissue paper
    - sticker

    To ensure you get the whole nine yards, you might want to request for a gift box and bow explicitly cause that's what I do :lol: I don't want them to "forget". I'm not too worried about the paperbag though since they ought to give you one to carry your new Coach out of their boutique ;)

    I don't have any shopping experience in Coach factory outlets so I can't comment much on that other than you might want to check for a dustbag inside the purse you are holding and wanting to purchase before paying for it. If there is no dustbag in the purse you are holding and you are anal about it like me, then you probably need to pull one out from the other purse (as suggested by one tPFer's SA) for yours :graucho:
  5. Yea. Usually do not get a dustbag if you get a bag from the outlet.

    I think i have maybe once. Of course, i think we are all agreed that i have some snotty people working at my outlet. Not that im bitter or anything. LOL
  6. If you buy a bag from the outlets that was originally a FP retail bag, then it should have a dustbag in it because it was boutique. Otherwise yeah, MFF bags don't come with dustbags.
  7. ^^^It's rare to find a FP bag at the outlet with a dustbag. I think they remove them at the boutiques prior to sending the FP bags to the outlets.
  8. Of the three FP bags I have bought at the outlet, ONE came with a brown dustbag.
  9. All my FP bag tha ti brought at the outlet, it all came with dustbag.. If i dont see one I request one.. They usually find it for me..
  10. I have my share of Coach. You are going to LOVE IT. If you are buying from a boutique make sure you get a box. (I haven't done this and really wish I had) Keep your receipt and all paperwork in a safe place. If you ever decide to resell the bag these items will help your bag to maintain its value on the resale market. They are important factors in proving authenticy.
  11. Whenever I purchase a bag from the full price store I always requested that it be gift wrapped since it's a gift to myself.

    Also, I have never purchased a bag from the outlet that didn't come with a dust bag, but you definetly have to check them first in case someone pulled it out.
  12. All of my FP bags from the outlet came with a dustbag.

    Also, re: the original post... when did LV bags start coming with an envelope with info? I thought only fake LV's came with that??
  13. I actually prefer not to have my Coach bags from the boutique's gift wrapped, because then I can't check for problems before I leave the store.
  14. thank you all SO much! i'll definitely try and remember to ask for everything ;D

    will the SA take my bag from the shelf, or go in the back room to bring out another bag of the same style? is there anything i should check the bag for? is it rude to request another bag if there is a defect with the one i'm being given? :S

    and queenlouis: i *thought* i saw lv owners posting pictures of envelopes, but it could have very well been a fake i was looking at on another site earlier (don't worry, i'd never support counterfeiters)
  15. All of my FP bags at the outlet came with a dustbag.