What does a Cambon makeup case look like?

  1. Does anyone have any pics of this? :smile: Thanks.
  2. I saw one on ebay a couple days ago, I'll try to find it and post it up.
  3. I appreciate it. Thank you!
  4. i think these are limited edition ones :hrmm:
    img10612311549.jpg img10612311545.jpg img10151901243.jpg img10151901242.jpg img10151901248.jpg img10151901251.jpg img10151901250.jpg img10151679886.jpg img10151679823.jpg img10151901277.jpg
  5. few more....
    img10151679825.jpg img10151679828.jpg img10151901279.jpg img10151901282.jpg
  6. I saw several in the pink/black combination at Saks in Dadeland Florida today, I thought they were zippered wallets, they are adorable, also had some silky makeup bags that were very, very pretty.