What does a Beverly mm/gm look like with Patina?

  1. Does anyone have a picture of the Beverly MM/GM with patina? I'm thinking about getting one but I want to see what it will look like with wear. Thank you
  2. i dnt think the bag is old enough to have dark patina yet.
  3. I agree it'll only really have a light tan unless someone deliberately tanned it
  4. i have yet to see one with medium/dark patina.
  5. I think that bag would look better light!
  6. Here's my Beverly MM, with a very slight patina. It's pale, but it's there. I'm quite enjoying watching the patina develop...

  7. Would be perfect imo if it stayed that way Karman. Looks gorgeous.
  8. I see a slight patina due to the flash of the camera, but it still looks lovely!
  9. ^^ that's one gorgeous patina! love it on the beverly!
  10. It looks good with patina.
  11. Karman, your Beverly looks gorgeous!!! I was unsure if I would still like it with patina. But seeing pictures of yours has made me want it even more. Thanks for posting pictures. :smile:
  12. Thanks guys...;)

    The patina is actually darker IRL than it is in the pics. It looks kind of pale there but if you compare the leather that is frequently exposed (as in pics) to the leather underneath the flap/facing the canvas, there's a HUGE difference. I've actually done nothing to stop the patina process...I've actually moisturized it quite a bit just so it could speed up the patina process a bit. The strap is also getting MUCH softer, making the bag much more comfortable to wear than when I first got it.
  13. karman, how is ur patina on beverly now??
    is it still the same or getting darker? :biggrin:
  14. I would be interested in this too, could you post a modeling pic?
  15. Umm the patina is still about the same, my last pic wasn't that long ago and after that I haven't used it much because I went back to school and I don't carry a purse with me when I'm at school.

    You can check Visual Aids for modeling pics of the Beverly.