What does a 21-year-old girl wants for a graduation present?

  1. I would be grateful if you can tell me what does a girl usually want for a graduation present. I was supposed to give one in July but I used the pregnancy excuse and skipped her ceremony together :upsidedown: but now I really do have to give one!

    This girl is a bit special so my budget is USD3,000 (will go to 4,000) but please suggest anything other than handbags, clothes and shoes. No watches either because it will cost minimum USD10,000 for a decent one and I cannot afford it :sweatdrop:.

    Thanks for your advice because I have not a clue and when I graduated I did not really want anything either.
  2. A really nice pen?
  3. I think the biggest thing she's going to need is ways to furnish her first "adult" apartment, career clothes, etc. Depending on where she lived in college and who had what if she had roommates, she may also need things to stock her kitchen, etc. Another option is (I did this for one of my friend's sisters when she turned 21) is a spa day to help her relax (since that won't take up you budget, that'd still leave you with some room for something practical). Good luck!
  4. ^ I agree!
  5. Hmm...My first suggestion would be something like a diamond necklace or even a tennis bracelet. Diamonds are a girls best friend. Here are a few suggestions that I personally like(Im 21 BTW :smile:)
    They also have some very nice watches and they are no where near 10,000! Some of them you could even get engraved, that would make it very special!


    I like this...its cheap-you could buy an expensive item, and also give her something like this..

    This stuff is beautiful also...
    Bracelet to match...

    Ok, I got on that website and went a little crazy lol. I hope I helped..
    let us know what you decide
  6. Yes anything from Tiffany's should suffice...or how about giving her that money and letting her use it for a down payment for a new car?
  7. Did she graduate from university?

    I liked RJess' ideas, but I would say a week at a spa!

    Does she have everything? People who have everything are the hardest people to shop for, so how about a gift card?:shrugs:

    Great suggestions so far! Bee has exquisite taste in jewelry and watches!
  8. I like Cal's pen idea and you seem to have just the right budget for a nice one.

    (BTW, I really like Rosamund Pike's picture in your avatar!)
  9. I think at 21 I would have preferred someone give me $3,000 than spend $3,000 on me.

    However if you really want to buy a meaningful present instead of giving cash, how about a nice pair of diamond stud earrings?

    Or how about a trip? A week in XXXX (insert city of her dreams) with her best friend?
  10. ^^ i LOVE the trip idea!
  11. I really diamond studs idea. The trip would be cool too. Or what about a Visa gift card with 3000 on it. She can use it to buy whatever she likes. And pretty much everywhere accepts Visa.
  12. well before reading the post i was going to say just cash. that's all i wanted when i graduated college because i was saving up for a new bed and there was nothing else i really needed. but with your budget... wow... that's amazing you would spend so much and i really hope she appreciates it! :smile:
    a down payment on something is always nice..maybe a new car... put it towards her student loans...... new furniture... a trip... something along those lines would be really nice for her. if she's into jewelry then that would be nice as well, but if she's not, then don't waste the money. if you're wanting to spend that much on her then make sure it goes for a good cause! :smile:

    and really... who wants a $4,000 pen? :confused1:
  13. a trip to somewhere like Italy or Greece would be really cool.
  14. I suppose you would like to give her something special for years to keep? I don't know what she likes, you could consider something special for her appartment/house, a painting? something antique? silverware?
  15. I like the gift card idea because she can spend it on whatever she wants.