What does 200 Calories look like?

  1. Shoot, like at the peanut butter!!!! I love PB :sad:, much more than 200 cal of it :amuse:
  2. I know!! ^ I eat that amount every day for lunch on top of other things!
    I always knew fruits and veggies were good, but damn when you see these pics! lol *note to self* buy Kiwi fruit!!
  3. See that piece of cheese also! *sigh
  4. Very informative! I guess I'll add celery on my shopping list>:crybaby:
  5. I'm kind of surprised about the catsup. I never realized there were that many calories in it.
  6. The donut with the one small piece taken out of it cracks me up!

    Ketchup actually has a ton of sugar in it. Most diets don't allow you to eat ketchup!
  7. It goes from healthy to unhealthy foods LOL! Im on a diet & looking at the healthy foods I was thinking this is going to be easy then the foods get worst & I have a soft spot for sweets. I haven't had any since my diet started Jan. 1, ok maybe just 2 reeces that's it. This it killing me
    Gummy Bears
    51 grams = 200 calories
  8. very, very cool.
  9. Dang! My peanutbutter sandwich must be about 700 calories.