What do yoy think about this tweed bag?


Should I get this tweed bag?

  1. YES!

  2. No, get a bag you can yse year round.

  3. No, love chanel tweed bag but not this one. There are better ones around.

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  1. Hi all, I don't have any chanel tweed bag, and this tweed bag caught my eyes coz I love the tweed color combination (love purple!). I do always love chanel flap bag, and I like that the calfskin trim and the chain make this bag look younger than the tweed flap bag chanel normally makes....price is $1545, which is not bad at all I think.

    The only thing that hold me back is I live in LA, and that means this bag can only be worn for maybe half a year......I always want to buy bags that can be worn year-round.

    What do you think?
    tweed bag.jpg
  2. I love this bag! So cute!!
  3. and for those who have a chanel tweed bag, is it hard to take care of a tweed bag??
  4. I like it - Oh dont worry I think Tweed is good for Fall winter and spring!

    I live in Vancouver where I think I will only wear furry Chanels for a maximum of Nov-Feb....and I am still thinking of getting it. So if you like it, I say go for it! I want a tweed too but haven't seem anything that caught my eye yet.
  5. I owned two chanel tweed classic bags. One is all white tweed. It's not my everyday bag but I do use it all summer & spring. So far no problems. I have collected dirt along the edge. I gently brushed it off with a wet towel. I luv tweed. I have the kelly green one but use only in fall/winter. The one you're looking at it's very nice with much leather trim. This should be a a good bag for all year long too but only limited to what can purple goes with your outfits.
  6. I like this bag I love the chunky chain.
  7. i love the tweed range. the bag is cute
  8. Normally I would say no to tweed ... but not this one ! It's beautiful !
  9. Thanks all. the purple color is no problem, purple really goes with my wardrobe, esp. my winter wardrobe.

    I actually saw this bag Thursday when I passed by the display window but never get to see it up close. I will go to the boutique tomorrow to check it out. I totally love the chain, and the fact that it has calfskin trim. And I think it is also quite wide at the bottom so it should fit my stuff quite nicely (and I think it is just single flap too, and that's good coz it takes up less space).

    I guess as a chanel bag lover I gotta have one tweed bag....and I also think since I have several chanel bags I can really focus on this bag during the cooler time of the year....than used the other chanel bags more when it's summer...

  10. Actually I think the tweed I am looking at it's like wool, so probably not suitable for really hot days in LA.

    But I still think I can really get as much use as I can during winter/fall/spring....then summer time I can just use my other chanel bags.

    Will def. report back after checking it out tomorrow. I just hope it is not too much trouble to keep the white portion clean......if I do get stain on the tweed, any recommendation on what I can use to clean??
  11. So far, I have only spot clean with wet towel only. If needed to, I would send it to couture cleaner which recommended by NM, Margaret's Cleaners Specialty Services

    They done wonderful job on all my Chanel tweed clothings that mostly have makeup stains.

    Post pictures if you get it!

  12. ^ thanks for the info, though I also have my eye on the diamond shine flap bag.......and I can only get one....so I decided not to get this tweed bag, but I know sometime chanel tweed bag go on sale (if it is still around by december..)....so if this bag ever go on sale then I will buy it. But diamond shine flap is still #1 on my list!
  13. I like it!
  14. i have a few tweed bags. i love them, but i don't like how they get fuzzy. you can't avoid it, but tweed bags are timeless. i really love tweed bags! go for it!
  15. I love Chanel's Tweed Bags too but I agree that they do get fuzzy and hence are not your 'Daily Wear' kind of bag...They are timeless however and I feel depending on the colour, you can wear it anytime of the year...;)

    I find the colour of this Tweed Bag darker and hence it does remind me of Fall/Winter. I'd suggest getting lighter colours like Chanel's white/cream/pink/grey if you'd want to wear the Bag whole year round!

    Else, the chain handles on this one ROCK!!!...and you can carry your other ones in Spring/Summer!