What do your significant others think...

  1. about your handbag obsession?

    Last night I was talking with hubby about how I dont feel comfortable purchasing handbags off of EBay (since I dont want to end up with a fake). He reacted with "If its such a good fake that no one can tell the difference then why not?". I really hope he was kidding. :amazed: Anyways...Overall he has been really supportive of my whole handbag thing. He has a car obsession of his own so that justifies my spending habits. :graucho: Also, I think I have converted him to LV. I got him a wallet for christmas and he loves it. He puts his wallets through alot and the LV is the only one that still looks like new.
  2. Ummmm, he doesn't like it but if it makes me happy, then he's happy. He knows that my shopping obsession is genetic (I got it from my mama ;) ) and he accepts it.
  3. Mine thinks it's a problem, and that maybe I should go see someone about my vaguely obsessive-compulsive behavior that manifests itself in "bag hounding" (as he calls it). I suspect he's maybe a little right, but I also know myself and know how to self-monitor this stuff, I've been doing it my whole life. ;)
  4. Mine calls it OCD and doesn't like me frequenting this forum, as he says it just impulses me to buy more, which is true LOL! He doesn't know what I spend on bags...if he did he would not be happy at all. I wish mine was like the DHs on this board that don't have any issues. Sometimes I do think the $ that I spend on bags is WAY over the top considering what I could do with it otherwise....
  5. My hubby sends me mixed msgs. I use to save up money for a bag I really wanted, go to the store to get it, and the whole time there at the store he'd be telling me "why you gonna get it, you don't need another one, its a lot of money." I'd get so discouraged I'd walk out of the store empty handed.
    Then a few days later, he'd show up with the bag I wanted! He did this like 3 or 4 times! But that was before we got married.
    Now I still save up for my bags, and now he doesn't say anything when we go to the store to pick it up. But when ever he starts saying stuff about my bags, I point at his stuff, like what about that? LOL
  6. I have to say that my hubby has come to accept my obsession. Even tho he would like it if it was a less expensive obsession, he has come to understand a bit. He now will take an active interest in the next bag I am after. He tells me his opinions, and I knew I had him when he said that even he could understand paying a higher price for some of my bags because of quality leather. He never did like Coaches and said I was paying big bucks for a bunch of CC's on canvas. And he loves all of my Kooba bags so it was no biggie when I told him I'd found and bought my Tatum.
    Now some other people think I am absolutley nutzo spending 500 plus on a purse. My co-workers love my bags and love looking them over but they can't understand paying more than 30 bucks. I can understand it perfectly. There was a time in my life that 500 dollars was a fortune! I could pay the rent, buy some groceries, put gas in the car, and have a few dollars left till next paycheck. It seems irresponsable to buy a purse with an amount that some people only make in a month. Do you ever feel guilty?
  7. He thinks I'm a little nuts but he doesn't say much.. I told him there are worse things I could be doing! Anytime he gives me some grief, I tell him, OK, you sell your cars & I will sell my bags.. That usually shuts him up :graucho:
  8. My boyfriend tries really hard to understand bless him! He looks at the pictures to humor me but I can tell his eyes are glazing over, he's a little more understanding about the vintage side of my collection because generally they are cheaper. However as he has a BIG motorbike habit ( 4 and counting ) it goes both ways - he spends thousands on BMW bikes, I spend on bags, it makes them seems cheap by comparison! He is very good about my habit mostly as long as I use my bags - he hates to see them go unused and he probaly has a point there.

    Do I ever feel guilty - no - I work hard as a nurse, save, then maybe twice a year I spend around £500 on a bag so I don't consider myself that excessive anyway. I would never buy on credit therefore don't feel guilty about interest paymenst etc-. Other people spend similar amounts over the course of a year drinking, smoking, taking drugs, none of which I do so I don't feel the need to justify the odd expensive bag.
  9. :sad: Honestly, I do feel guilty sometimes. I too remember thinking that $500 was a fortune. Sometimes that makes me rethink some of my purchases or even think of selling them. But, I know that I deserve it. I love being able to change bags throughout the day and know that I am carrying a quality bag. I do get a lot of :censor: from people at work about the price of my bags. The other day I literally had a man ask me what was wrong with me. He was going off about how I have something missing in my life because I spend so much money on material things and how he doesnt know how my husband puts up with me. In his words "If I was your husband I would have left your :censor: a long time ago". :mad:

    That bothers me a lot so of course I try and stay away from telling people how much my bags are. In turn that makes people think that they are even more expensive than they are. It becomes a lose-lose situation.

    Sorry but I had to get that off my chest. Do you guys encounter the same reaction from people?
  10. ^ Wow, that's harsh. You should have said " And thank God you aren't my husband!"

    Frankly, I realize I spend alot (too much) on bags however, rarely will I pay full price even though I could afford to. I scour sales & ebay. My husband does appreciate that I can find a "deal" on ebay, use the bag for a bit, then sell it & get my money back. I also have that bargain shopper gene in me... Bags are my worst vice but I still happily shop at Target, etc... I don't spend alot on clothes (besides jeans, which I live in..) I get much more milage out of a bag so I can justify spending more.. I don't tell many people what I spend but our circle of friends know how I am about bags & razz me about it (in a joking way)

    Don't let people make you feel bad for what you have! They are the one's with the problem:sad:
  11. I love this thread cause I really wanted to know if I was the only one out there whose hubby just does not support my love for expensive bags. There's just no way my husband will never agree with me buying expensive purses. I have a gucci, a LV and a Fendi and all three I had to hide from him and just let him find out when he sees it. He just found out about my Fendi last week and I had to tell him I borrowed it from my sister. Isn't that terrible, I don't party, I don't drink, I don't do nothing, the only thing that satisfies me is shopping and buying a nice bag every once in a while. Why can't my husband understand that.

    I can't even come back at him with any of his habbits cause he doesnt have any, all he does is work work work. He doesn't care about clothes, cars or anything like that. He takes care of all my necessities, I don't have to work and he pays for my college education--but I think once in a while he should satisfy my wants. I'm sorry I went on about this but I've been thinking a lot about this lately being that I want a new bag and don't have the money for it and feel that he should buy it for me.
  12. Luckily my BF has two sisters just as obsessed (if not more so) with fashion than I am, so he's used to it. That doesn't mean that I don't still get The Look when I buy a bag or when he sees me on this forum!

  13. Ah yes the look.
    I get that everytime DH sees me pull the laptop out. He knows it only gives me ideas. :smile:
  14. Yes the look - it's not just my other half who gets the look then!!:roflmfao:
  15. Seriously, I'd tell a supervisor or say something like 'sounds like you have a problem with me as a woman, that really makes me feel uncomfortable and I'd prefer that you don't talk about what you'd do if you were my husband.' He has no business making comments like that and its likely borderline sexual harrassement - seriously its not appropriate to talk about 'being your husband' and dumping you. Please do say something - I hate it that that man thinks he can talk to you like that! As for your other co-workers why not just say 'oh I can't help it I get nice gifts' or smile and say 'well I can afford it.' Sounds like they are jealous.

    As for people making comments, I haven't had anyone but I'm an attorney. My friends are sometimes like 'how do you buy all that designer stuff' and I don't always feel like getting into my bargain shopping or the fact that I had a scholarship to law school - because most of my friends went to the same school and I don't want them to feel bad.

    As for my boyfriend, he doesn't seem to care. Actually he was encouraging me for awhile. (He might be sorry he did....muuuuahahaha...) I plan on keeping separate finances with whoever I marry and I can't imagine it would be an issue. I think with some men is a control thing or they feel like they should be a provider so they don't like it if you are buying things on your own. But that is just IMO.

    LisaG - I'm still mad for you!