What do your family/friends think of your addiction?

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  1. This may already have been discussed in the past but i was wondering what your friends, family, significant other think of your Coach (and/or purses in general) addiction?

    I am lucky that my husband doesn't care what I spend- he just rolls his eyes when I come in with another Coach bag. My mom always asks me "how many bags can you possibly have- you don't enjoy the ones you have now" (not true but she carries a rotation of 2-3 bags). My friends joke about an intervention...other than my 2 girlfriends who are as bad as me and go on the outlet missions with me.

    My one friend actually hides the new bags or sneaks them into the house and puts them away for a few months before she will wear it and pretends it isn't new-lol.

    So, what about your family, friends, significant other?
  2. DH just rolls his eyes and says it's a good thing that I work hard for them.

    DS has told me that I need a program to stop that addiction.

    My family just laughs at me, I think that my aunt wishes that she could have a collection. She has a ***gasp*** fake carly that she loves!

    My coworkers ask me how many bags does a girl need.
  3. My mother-in-law is as addicted to coach as I am, so I don't have to worry about hearing anything negative from her. My other family doesn't really pay much attention, although they are 700 miles away so they don't know just how much I have.
    My friends understand that I've got a bit of an addiction, but they've never mentioned anything negative. They comment about new bags when they like them, but that's about it.
    DH is really good about it. He says that they make me happy, so he sees no reason why I shouldn't be able to indulge myself, though I know he's hoping that I'll slow down a bit between purchases.
  4. I have converted a lot of women i work with into Coach. They are not as sick as i am,but 1 or 2 are very close to it. I think once you own a designer handbag,its very difficult to go back to non-designer handbags. It really is. I only own Coach. I used to have 1 Dooney,but sold it on the Bay months ago. Only Coach now. My hubby just rolls his eyes too. In fact, im going to outlet again in about 30 mins or so.
  5. My friend is worse than I am..she buys a new bag every other week and that doesn't include the accessories!

    My family thinks I'm nuts! Although they admire and oogle my bags all the time...My mom understands my addiction though..she used to be a bag and shoe junkie back in her days..she slowed down since then..
  6. DH has found coach is the go to store for bday, xmas, ect. and im ok with that!
    but i also sneak the bags in and keep them in the closet for a bit before i carry! lol
    coworkers-think i need an intervention. they think im out of control. they have fakes or no name target bags.
    family-have come to accept it. they think its crazy though how many coach bags do i need
    friends-want to borrow my bag when im done. i have a bond with each of them, so they dont leave the purse display! is that bad???

  7. No, I don't think it's a big deal to refuse to lend you bags to your friends. They are things you love and what would you do if one of them ruined a bag. I don't lend bags, I'm too attached to them.

    In response to OP-
    BF is okay with the addiction, but sometimes gets upset when I don't use a bag he got me for awhile. I have to explain to him that I can only use some bags during certain times of the year. I can't use a light pink bag in during the winters we have here.
    My sister totally undertands and would love to be as addicted as I am, but she is getting married and buying stuff for her new home, so she can't. She loves my legacy hippie and I'm on a mission to get her one.
    My mom gets it too, I just need to get her some more!:biggrin:
    I don't even think my dad notices a new bag!
  8. Family is ok with it. Especially since I give them Coach stuff as gifts.
    Co-workers think I am obsessed and out of control. But they see me rotate into a new bag almost daily.
    I enjoy my Coach bags and I am happy.
  9. My parents started the addiction. :smile: Very cool parents. :biggrin:
    My BF thinks it's ridiculous. But helps buy things sometimes. I use his ebay account.
    My friends like my bags, but none of them are really into them like I am.
    A lot of peers have ugly fakes. Especially at school.
  10. dh and the kids think i'm too obsessed and need to stop...excuse me, i only have three bags!....dh is clueless, i overheard him say to a buddy of his, they were talking about how each other's wives were so materialistic, "my wife must have at least ten bags...maybe i need to get ten since he says so, lol....dd is kinda in the middle, she rolls her eyes every time i'm looking at coach, but every now and then she'll ask when she can get her first coach.

    dh's family doesn't know anything about designer bags so they don't care and my family lives on the other side of the country. my sisters and snls all carry coach too but i don't think they are anything like us coachies here.
  11. What addiction?:shame:
  12. But seriously... I live alone so I don't think anyone has noticed it. My boss will always ask "is that a new purse?", but mostly just to be a smart alec.

    My grandmother knows I have a bunch of purses, but not specifically how many. Her attitude is "why not, you've earned it and you're not going into debt for it"

    My Dad collects tons of stuff: baseball cards, stamps, comics, trains, Star Wars & Star Trek action figures. I'm sure all his collectibles add up to more than my purses and stop-motion-animation collectibles (that's my other thing). So he'd have no place to make a comment. But he never has. He's noticed my Tokidoki bags because they are kind of an animation collectible, and he didn't think or say anything negative about it.
  13. My mom doesn't get it, but she and my dad understand that everyone has that one "thing" that they like to spend money on. My boyfriend totally understands (he encouraged me to get my white peyton the other day...and bought me a blue patent wallet for our anniversary...and we spent a few hours at the outlet on our anniversary...anniversary at coach? AMAZING boyfriend). My friends don't understand why I spend that much money on purses, but they admire my bags so it isn't all bad. :smile:
  14. My husband got me the first Bag up to my 10th bag... He is good about it... But at this point he is advicing me to just slow down..

    The rest of my family just does not get it... They think the items are great but the addiction is beond their understanding....
  15. My parents hate that I have an addiction and always tell me to save my money and not spend it on purses! LOL So whenever I'm around them I always try and NOT carry a purse because its usually a new purse... my mom will always ask, "is that new?", i would say, "nope, I've had this one" LOL

    My boyfriend rolls his eyes too like most of your SO's... he knows I have an addiction, but he's ok with it because he has an addiction to video games and softball bats

    My co-workers always ask if thats a new purse I'm carrying, I always just say "no", LOL, no one at my work really pays attention

    My friends, well they don't have an addiction to Coach, except one of them who I just got to sign on the purse forum and go to the outlet with me, and now she is crazy like me! LOL