What do you/your spouse do for a living?

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  1. The "what car do you drive" thread made me think of this one.

    I'll start. I work in the finance industry, husband works in computer analysis industry.
  2. I do business development (advertising/public relations/etc) for a construction company. The bf is in the information technology field; he does networking support for a mortgage company.
  3. Im just a full time student..lol have never been able to keep a job...my own father fired me..TWICE...LOL
  4. I have said before I do not have a job.

    However, I do own a good bit of commercial real estate, and through investment I am involved in commercial real estate development. I got into this as it is my families business and through inheritance of property and money I have become involved. I am not say" active " in the business though.
  5. i'm a full time student and my imaginary husband, christian bale, is an actor.
  6. LOL cute
  7. Attorneys
  8. So cute!
  9. My hubby is an instructor for a large fire district and I'm a stay at home mom. I'm also taking vet asst classes.
  10. My husband is an atty. -- I was too, but I stopped practicing after we got married. I don't really do anything right now, except help a friend who is starting up a fine foods import business.
  11. I'm a Business Development Coordinator (advertising for Mercedes - Benz) but I hate my job so I'm going back to school for nursing. My hubby is still in school for some kind of computer geeky job :P but he does fishtank installs, tank prep, takes care of fish, coral reef set ups and all of that hoo haa for people who want fish tanks in their walls and other places and don't want to set everything up themselves.
  12. I with you Kam!! Getting ready to give up practice myself.
  13. My last day was one of the happiest of my life!
  14. My husband is in the finance industry, as for me, two years ago I made a career change from business to teaching. I just got my teaching crendentials and now need to look for a job!
  15. I teach English literature in a high-school and my husband is a computer programmer.