What do you write with?

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  1. I use to give my boyfriend a hard time about his expensive cross pens. Then he gave me one, and I love it! Now its the only kind of pen I use, the ink just glides so wonderfully onto the paper. Is anyone else into cross pens?
  2. I have a couple Tiffany & Co. pens that were gifts but I don't like using them just because I prefer the cheapie flowing-ink pens. Also, writing with a heavy pen for long periods of time gets tiring!
  3. anything with fine/ultra fine points :amuse: especially love pilots and sharpies ;)
  4. LOVE a good ol bic ballpoint with the finest tip I can find.
  5. Our boss gave us personalized pen and pencil set (complete with wooden box) for Xmas. I have that in my bag for personal use. At work, I use whatever pen I can find in our supply room and ones we get from trade shows for free.
  6. I have to stick w/cheapie ball-points. I am way too forgetful and would surely lose anything nice.
  7. I use nice pens given to me by sponsors. But I always replace the ink with a pilot fine point in blue. I love blue ink.
  8. This is a great thread, too! I prefer blue ink, roller ball, bold. I really like the Pilot Precise Rolling Balls. I have a Cross pen but I don't use it much because it's too thin.
  9. ^me 2, addicted! it's blue all the way 4 me!!!!
  10. generally i write with anything... i generally find pens.... im the pen theft in the department! hehehe!
  11. I prefer the Mont Blanc 151 :biggrin: I want to check out some other models but I'm stuck on this one.
  12. never tried a cross pen...maybe that'll be my next buy. i currently use a combination of the following:

    1. Pilot G-2 07
    2. Sakura Pigma Micron 005 (in black, red, brown, purple, green, blue)
    3. Mont Blanc
  13. for daily use, any old cheap pen ballpoint pen which writes easily. I do love, however, fine tip pens (eg 0.4 or 0.28 tip gel ink pens) for when I have to make notes to study.
  14. I like those cheap PaperMate ball point pens, in blue ink. Never really got into different, more expensive pens.
  15. I write with my hands.....ok, I'm done being a smarta@@. I write w/ whatever is handy (pardon the pun). I don't have any preference.