What do you wish you were better at?

  1. I wish I was better at Maths.
  2. Keeping weight off. I can take it off, but can't seem to maintain it, no matter HOW well/healthy I did the weight loss.
  3. So many things, but I'll mention a couple: Music--I love music, but have no musical talent whatsoever. Computers--I'm so low-tech it's pathetic and nothing about computers, cellphones, Ipods is clear without major amounts of assistance.
  4. -singing. but I still love singing although my voice sucks
    -hand and body coordination so that I can be confident driver
    -computer hardware so that I can troubleshoot my laptop/pc problems
  5. Me too:rolleyes::rolleyes: it drives me crazy. ....I also wish I was more artistic. I wish I could paint, and draw.
  6. I wish I was a runner.

    Then I'd not be so, mmm...fluffy.
  7. uhh hmm....

    i wish i could draw better and be better at playing the piano even though ive been doing it for a long time.......lol
  8. I wish I were a better artist and I wish my "shower voice" could actually make its debut!!

    I also have always wanted to be a race car driver...
  9. I wish I were a confident driver. I got my license during the summer and I haven't really practiced driving since I passed the test. I'm just so scared.
  10. organization!
  11. Cooking!
  12. Math for sure!!! I carry a calculator w/ me at all times!! I can balance my checkbook thank God, but algebra, geometry, statistics, etc.....I just have a brain block!

  13. Hmmmmmmm...I wish I were more athletic (translation: less lazy).
  14. I speak 3 languages fluently, and 3 others not so fluently. I wish I could trade in the latter 3 for one fluent one.

    My violin playing could use a boost too.

    And I'd give a body part to understand BF better!!!!!! We live together and sometimes, he's still a complete and utter mystery.
  15. I wish I was better at making money, budgeting, sleeping, and metabolizing what I eat.