what do you wear your PINE green bbags with?

  1. hi girls!

    i'm still a newbie... i walked into BalNY yesterday looking for some color, specifically violet, but then the SA gave me a bunch of colors and i walked out with a pine green step instead. i LOVE the rich green color, it's definitely darker than violet, but it still pops. the only thing is, i'm a browns/neutrals girl, and i'm trying not to run back to BalNY and exchange the pine green for something more neutral. what do you say, girls? any modeling pics? suggestions?

  2. by the way...

    i LOVE the leather on my new bbags!!! i just got a cinnamon city off eBay and the pine step... smooshiest, thickest, softest leather ever.... and not as heavy as the Chloe bags!! i may be a complete convert!!!
  3. Congrats!! I have a vert foncé (dark olive brown) Day and can wear it with all my neutrals. I imagine Pine would look great with black, white, cream, browns, jeans, ... can you post a pic please? Love the step style, congrats!! :flowers:
  4. Thanks, south of france!

    OK, here's my new pine green STEP! :heart: I don't know what to wear with it yet, but I absolutely love the color! And here's a shot of her with her sister, cinnamon city!
    DSCN1406.JPG DSCN1399.JPG
  5. I have a pine city and I find that it matches with pretty much everything in my primarily dark cool-colored (black, blue, army green, dark grey) wardrobe.
  6. I agree with pandabear- the color pretty much goes with everything. I love your choices! I have the cinnamon as well and it is my favorite B-bag. I just love the leather!
  7. I have a Pine Work and would go well with denim's, browns, neutrals, white, blood red & violet. It would be perfect if you lived in a climate where there is a real fall / winter season. I live on the coast and we only have summer & spring. I totally love this colour (which is why I bought her) but I think I should stick to brighter colours because my lush Pine Work is still sitting untouched on her box...Hmmm

    Here's an idea of how Pine looks against Violet (imagine the violet is clothing) and another pic of Pine against white...:tup:
    011.JPG 032.JPG
  8. You know, I haven't really given this any consideration so I suppose it goes with most things. Definitely fine with black, grey, brown, red and denim.
  9. i guess part of my dilemma is that the agneau leather seems so shiny! it's not as matte as my chevre cinnamon city... but does that have to do with the leather or just the particular bag? i feel like i need to wear a spunky outfit with the step...

    i definitely want to show it off :heart::love::heart:
  10. if you want to show it off (ofcourse you do) its beautiful...
    i would wear dark colors too like greys and blacks, the bag will definetly POP. and would be prefect for fall.
  11. Congrats on your new Pine !! It is really a lovely shade....Enjoy the bag, girlie.
  12. Gorrrr-geoussss! I love Pine, I'm dying on this waitlist for my Pine Day, but your Pine bag has given me more will! Such a gorgeous color! Congrats, babes!

    I echo everyone else's suggestions, very casual stuff. Jeans, black & navy trousers with white/grey/black shirts. I like the look of neutrals and then some color to pop.
  13. I love Pine, wish the pine with ggh would be in the store soon, maybe they
    wait for xmas, who knows, BalNY still is expecting them, so far nothing.

    Pine goes with a lot of clothing, or black formal etc, I would not be worried,
    sometimes the bag should be a bit different and should NOT MATCH....just
    wear it.;)
  14. I so want a Pine!:drool:
    And i'm thinking its such a versatile color, it'll look great with browns and neutrals, dark purples and even blues, esp jeans!
    Whenever i'm in doubt, i'll just run my bag against all my clothes and see which color compliment the bag best.
  15. I love green..i wish Vert Gazon:drool: Your Pine is so bright,smashing!