What do you wear with...

  1. I've been waiting to splurge on the Medium Classic Flap in Black Caviar with gold h/w. Is the bag more appropriate for everyday wear or something a little less casual? I know this really up to an individual's point of view, but I just wanted to get your input!

    Thanks! ;)
  2. I think that classic bag can get away for any occasion!! - it's just the beauty of it :smile:

  3. I think you can wear anything with the black flap, dress, jeans or even shorts!!!
  4. I have the exact bag & I only carry mine with dressy attire, & when going to events such as parties, luncheons, weddings, etc. I've never worn mine with jeans, & it's too small to carry much besides a small wallet, cell, keys, & maybe a lipstick or tiny mirror. I think the gold makes it a dressier bag. That's just my opinion though, & how I use my bag.
  5. I use my flaps for all occasions....that's why they're so good, they really are versatile!! They can be dressed up or down...although I do view the gold HW as a bit more dressy, but that's JMO.
  6. ^I agree. That's just me personally, but I see it as a dressier bag.

    Although celebrities are often seen rocking them just shopping and what not, so it's really up to the user. :smile: Either way it's a beautiful bag so it won't matter.
  7. This is a bag that can be carried ANYWHERE, but it doesn't hold a lot. I tend to use bigger bags during the day and use my classic flap in the evening. (I have used it during the day when I specifically WANT to wear a small bag). Stylewise, I think it looks great anytime, it really just depends on how much you need to carry!

    PS: If you want a more all-purpose bag, you may want to consider the jumbo flap. It is too large for me ( I'm only 5'4"), but it can carry much more than the large/medium.
  8. So if i were to carry just a wallet, cellphone and keys, the medium would fit all these items?
  9. Yes, but not a huge wallet. A small to average sized wallet...no problem.
  10. I agree, the gold hw makes it a bit dressier. But, this is a classic bag, you can wear anything with it...
  11. I'm in agreement with the others who have said the black classic goes anywhere. That's why I love the style so much. If I could only have one bag, it's classic flap all the way because it can go from a dressy dinner date to casual wear. There's not many bags that can make that claim, imo.
  12. I think I'm in the minority here, but I love the gold h/w, as I prefer yellow gold over white/platinum with what I usually wear. I don't like to wear yellow jewelry with a bag with a lot of silver hardware, and let's face it, a flap has a lot of hardware.

    If that is all you plan to carry in the bag, you'll definitely have room....but probably not for sunglasses/case, so keep that in mind.
  13. Thanks! Everyone has been so helpful!!
  14. I wear all of my bags anytime or any place. Most of my bags have the SH except for the GST. I have the beige with GH. I still wear it anytime.
  15. ^ me too. i would wear it with anything and everything :smile: