What do YOU wear with your white-ish Paddingtons?!

  1. I am on the verge of buying this small nuage paddington I found in the Chloe boutique. It looks like a small version of the box paddington. I am new to owning white and off white bags, so the question is:

    What do you normally wear with your white or off-white Paddingtons?!

    I am in love with white shirts of all styles, but I don't think white will go with an off-white bag:sad:
  2. I wear mine with everything so far this summer , even a cool white sleeveless shirt. It just goes nicely. I never had a bag this color either. I always wore browns and black. I decided not to play it safe anymore and got a red paddy and offwhite front pocket paddy- blanc.
    It's way more fun now!
    I don't know if thats proper fashion, but here in LA anything goes even if it's tacky. Not that I felt tacky wearing it. Basically, if it's a chloe you could wear it with Target or Walmart clothes and it would add class to those!
  3. I THINK i will use my baby paddy this winter expecially with grey ...i love this oclour for winter i think i will not use it on jeans just becausei am afraid that colour will transfer....kisses:kiss::party:
  4. I wear a lots of neutrals like greys and browns and beiges with my white-ish chloes, and on winter time I love wearing knits in matching whites/creams... and I wear jeans quite a lot but I'm keeping the bag far from them on my shoulder to avoid colour transfer:push:
  5. I wear anything except for dark denim (color transfer) with my white and off-white bags. I also use my off-white bags year round.
  6. I agree anything but denim, we don't want another color transfer problem.
  7. it should go with soo much, its a really great colour!
  8. Thanks for all the ideas! :heart:
    I have ordered the bag, and bought some neutral colored clothes:yes:
  9. I like a white paddy when I am in all black outfit (in winter) or if my summer outfit has a bit of white in it, like the pic below:supacool:
  10. I think it would look great with jeans, black trousers, chocolate trousers, khakis.. even herringbone! :smile:
  11. I love the look you have of the bag with a brown shirt (the color of the bags outline), and the white shirt underneath:tup: This looks perfect