What do you wear with your Ugg Boots?

  1. I've just ordered my first pair of Ugg Boots (I know, I'm the last person on earth to get some! but heh - I get there in the end!!).

    The problem is that I really don't know what to wear them with. I'm not the smallest of people and DO NOT look good in skinny jeans, so I wondered - what do you wear your Ugg Boots with?

    Also, to those of you who have Tall Boots (I've ordered Classic Tall Chestnut Uggs) do you fold them over or not?
  2. My pyjamas!!

    Congrats on your ugg boots... your feet are gonna love you!!!
  3. I am not a good person to give advice, as I prefer classic shorts and I still usually roll them down a bit to privide a bit of contrast at the top. And I do wear skinny jeans, so with the shorter boots my legs look much longer than they otherwise would. I usually wear mine casually with jeans. I prefer other boots with leggings, dress pants or dresses.
  4. :woohoo: I agree, pjs and sweats while bumming around the house...
  5. I only have ugg slipper shoes and I wear them with sweats. My mom makes fun of me when I wear them though and says I'm wearing my slippers out. Oh, well. In this city I have actually seen people wearing real bedroom slippers walking down the street.
  6. anything really. My fall/winter style is cozy but stylish. I'm still in my 20's - but I feel the look goes most places (except the work place, of course). If you want to tuck them in, they can go with any type of jeans. I tuck my flared jeans in mine sometimes for a more ruffled look, but not everyone can do that. Skinny jeans go GREAT in them. As do leggings with ease. Less easy but cute and casual is stuffing your track pants into them - juicy works and is cute (again, very casual), as do VS stylish sweats. Here are a few looks I do:

    Tucking in flared jeans:


    For school or coffee I do this sort of look alot - but definitely not looking like a rainbow like Paris..lol..but the sweats + uggs + zip up

    Minus the belly showing:


    When it's absolutely freezing:



    See? Very versatile indeed! I have 6 pairs of classic shorts, a pair of coquettes, and a pair of sundance. I never cuff my shorts - but I do occasionally with the sundance.

    I NEVER do the skirt + ugg thing. I often wear my jeans over my uggs - and it goes with pretty much anything. I'm big on the zip-up hoody come winter/fall - I'm typically cold lol.
  7. short shorts, flare jeans, sweatpants, mini dress (I usually wear it to run errends) so who cares about that I put on
  8. I normally wear mine under my jeans or cargo pants. Sometimes I'll wear them with my sweats like in the above pictures of Paris and Pamela Anderson.
  9. usually like to fold them over with jeans, and wear them regular with skirts, but also do the jeans over the boot look as well
  10. Wow LivinLuxuriously that is a GREAT help thanks. I am going to have so much fun with all those different looks. I'm so excited now I want them to arrive.
  11. Thanks for the visual aides!
  12. i wear mine in a way that most on the forum HATE: with a denim skirt:roflmfao: I also tuck in jeans or somethings a sweater dress or juicy/pink sweat pants...yeah I know some dames on here are gonna flip out then they read this...but that is how I like to wear my uggs
  13. I wear mine under my jeans. Occassionally I'll wear my jeans tucked inside my Uggs, or wear them with sweats. I have a pair of the house slippers and I wear those with my PJs. But I live in Florida so aside from my house slippers, I don't wear my Uggs very often.
  14. I have Classic Short & Ultra Short Uggs and wear them with boot cut jeans. I like the jeans OVER the Uggs, not tucked in.
  15. I wear them under sweats and over dark skinny jeans.

    And I wear them with casual dresses/tunics/long sweaters and a pair of dark leggings. I've done the miniskirt thing once or twice but I don't think I will again