What do you wear with your orange H bags?

  1. YAY!!!!! I just placed my order for my Picotin PM in Potiron....I had been looking for BJ but have loved Potiron as well, and thought it would be really cute in the Picotin. My bag is on it's way, but I haven't given much thought as to what colors I can wear it with? My style is casual and I live in S. Fla year round...so I don't really wear sweaters, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Congrats rollinsband. I think your Picotin will look gorgeous in Potiron.

    I think you will be surprised at how well it goes with so many colours!!!
    Brown ,black, white, cream, blue, denim, green and everything else!!!

    I bet you will find it harder to pick a colour it doesnt go with, especially if you buy a gorgeous H scarf :graucho:
  3. I wear my orange birkin with almost everything. When I first got it I was afraid that it would not go too much stuff but it has turned out to be a "magic" color . . . .IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING
  4. ITA that orange goes with everything.

    Here's a picture of my orange Togo Kelly and what I usually pair her with in the Spring. I usually throw on a light stone-colored trench and some jeans with the scarf and flats and I'm set. Hermes has a lot of scarves with some Potiron in it so I think that's one of the best ways to tie in your whole outfit together. The Jardins d'Hiver in brown has some faint streaks of Potiron that is just stunning.
  5. Orchids . your Kelly looks stunning with that scarf.
    There are so many scarves with a touch of Orange. Your pic highlights how beautiful it looks with different colours
  6. Tan, taupe - everything in the brown family, grey, white, navy.

    I always thought it would look too "Halloween" with black, but recently I've seen H orange worn with black and the women carried it off well. Yesterday I noticed a striking brunette dressed all in black with some white gold jewelry. That's all - no scarf to tie it together - just black and an orange Kelly- and she wasn't driving a broom.
  7. When I had my orange Kelly, I wore it mostly with jeans and either white or black top:


    I think orange goes really well with browns, white :heart: and def. denim.:tup:
  8. Oooh CONGRATS on your picotin!! I love love love it in poitron!! Cant wait for pics!!
    Yes I agree with everyone else, chocolate browns, white, black, it really will make any outfit pop!
    May I ask how much you paid? I am on the search for a picotin atm! xx
  9. Congratulations! I am desperately trying to find a 35 orange kelly -- loooove orange and think it goes with everything.
  10. Congrats!!! I don't have an orange H bag yet, but when I do get one I have a feeling I'll wear it with a LOT of things!! My wardrobe is largely neutrals, so a bright POP bag would be wonderful.

    I do love the way orange looks against pretty much all shades of grey by the way--which is a rather unusual combination but something to think about.
  11. Thanks Raz!

    Cynthia, that's an excellent point about Orange against the grey. I will definitely have to try that one day.

    H-addict, you look amazing with your Orange Kelly.
  12. Orange with grey is one of my favourite colour combos, they look great together :yes:
  13. Oh, and also with navy!! Pretty combo.
  14. Congrats on the picotin!

    Can someone please tell me the difference between orange and potiron? TIA.
  15. I wear a lot of orange and I think red/orange tones may be the only colors to be cautious about. I'm all about an orange bag with grey!

    btw, Uncle Hank is my hero :love: