What do you wear with your CHANEL Bag?

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  1. Hi CHANEL Community,

    I am new to TPF and I am a CHANEL Lover!

    I bought my first Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag Last month.:yahoo:
    It took me a while to make a decision.

    However....It didnt take me long for the 2nd one when you fall in love with CHANEL~:biggrin: I have found a Chanel Vintage XL Classic Flap in a perfect condition! Well I guess you will do the same too...:P
    It is going to be my everyday bag because it is big enought to fit all my staff.

    Anyway...i am just thinking what to wear best suit my Chanel Vintage XL Classic Flap Bag now.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what you normally wear to match your Chanel Bag?
  2. i always try and dress very classical.

    black and white
    pastel colours etc
  3. :welcome2: to the World of Chanel!
  4. i wear anyting! my fav is pairing it with jeans! hhaha i tink some ppl might think its to casual but i feel its looks great! check out chanel catalogue fotos where models where them with jeans and a top.:smile:
  5. I wear my flap bag with dresses and jeans--it's versatile.
  6. ditto
  7. i actually prefer my medium flap to the jumbo.. i like my medium and my other totes and 2.55s with shift dresses and heels

    i have a beige jumbo which i would wear with jeans, but you need to make sure you wear it with a long top over the jeans.. so there's no colour transfer.

    i wouldn't use my jumbo without heels.. cos at 5"5 and 106 pounds, the jumbo can look too overwhelming on me
  8. anything and everything!!!

  9. I 2nd this!
  10. Oftentimes I even wear sweatpants like if I have to run out for a few minutes. I am generally very casual and at this point I only cArry Chanel and mostly flaps, so I'd say anything goes!
  11. I have to say that wearing more casual stuff with my vintage jumbo looks funny.. it's just too vintage/old world/elegant a vibe to go with, say, cut off denim shorts, a tank, and sandals.. dark skinnies and tanks are okay though. It goes beautifully with high-waisted skirts and pearls, some flats, a nice winter coat ... or perhaps black leggings and a breton stripe top :yes:
  12. I don't match my wardrobe to my bag. I wear what I want and the bag just comes along for the ride...

  13. I 3rd it! ;)
  14. ^4th! even in my birthday suit! haha! kidding! :lol:

    a chanel flap is simply a cherry topper! an accessory that speaks for itself... most often it dresses me than i dress for her... kwim? ;)
  15. I wear my Chanel bag with almost anything too!!!