What do you wear with the zucca print?

  1. Hi All, I think I'm finally about to take the plunge and buy that zucca baby spy I've been drooling over for the past year! My only problem is that I've realized that I really need a black every bag [or a bag that I can wear with black].

    I've conferred with some friends who all agree that they wear their LV mono bags with black all the time and they think it looks fine... so can I do the same with zucca?

    I'm moving to NYC in August so I need a bag that is versatile, big enough to hold my crap, small enough that I won't get weighed down, and most importantly, stylish--all of which describe the baby spy [or so I think]. But I keep coming back to the same question: Can I wear it out with a black coat and shoes??

    I was originally looking for a white baby, but there's no way I can afford that any time soon [poor student]. All opinions are welcome, and be honest!!! Thanks!:smile:
  2. :tup: I would say yes to wearing the zucca with black.
  3. The zucca goes with black...certainly. I think it actually goes with most colors (given they aren't easter colors...like baby blue, yellow, pink, etc.) .

    It also looks good with jeans!
  4. yes it will definitely go with black! And good with jeans too.:tup:
  5. kim???

    get the zucca!!! you know you want to....its FENDI it goes with EVERYTHING!!!
  6. yeah, I LOVE my zucca with black. Come to think of it I carry Fendi with just about everything except when I wear a striped shirt or patterned top (which is rare).

  7. yus? Who's this??
  8. i carry my zucca spy with absolutely everything including patterns, florals, etc

    its like an LV mono...........timeless and not meant to be matched
    matching and color coordinating regarding handbags is so over..................:p