What Do You Wear With Raspberry??

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  1. I have never been a pink fan, in fact I am still not a pink fan. But something about the Raspberry Minilisa has me absolutely enamored. Whoever gets that bag is going to be a stunner! I'm not going to get one...I'm a play it safe kinda gal so I could never convince myself to try something that far out of my comfort zone. But I was just curious...what kind of colors do you wear with raspberry?? :shrugs:
  2. I wear pink with anything except red and I tend to not wear orange although I have a shirt that has orange and pink in it with other colors! I love pink with green, pink with yellow, pink with black, pink with gray, pink with brown and pink with white. I love pink with blue and pink with pink, pink with purple can be pulled off too. I just love pink!!!! :biggrin: lol
  3. I'm not a pink person either, but this raspberry is really stunning. I've tried countless times to rationalize puchasing a raspberry minilisa or a boogie but I never wear this color. I love it, though. Strange, isn't it?
  4. Pink goes beautifully with black, yellow, blue, white, orange (surprisingly so, but there are many clothing pieces combining the two colors), and it perks up almost any neutrals like beige, grey or brown. It is actually a very versatile color.

    It took me a while to discover that colored bags actually go with more than I gave them credit for. I used to live in a drab world of black, black and the occasional brown bag. Then I started rationalizing about Tano colors, but once I got them home I realized that I didn't have to rationalize anymore because they actually worked with so much of what I already own.
  5. LOL Tygerkitty do you like pink?? Lmao!!

    I guess its just hard for me to imagine because I've never had a pink bag. Believe it or not I just started carrying green bags last year and I love green!
  6. Ugh...I'm kinda in your situation as well! While I generally like pink, I tend to go for the softer pinks. I am also trying to decide on my next purchase ( I know I want a minilisa or boogie) but can NOT decide on color!:confused1:

    I think I have it narrowed down to watermelon (can purchase at a local boutique) or the raspberry. While I LOVE the raspberry I am nervous that I won't wear it bc it is a louder pink.

    Hmmm.....decisions, decisions....
  7. ^it's really not that loud! My raspberry bag is a very nice, subtle fuchsia. To answer the original question, I wear it with anything but red! It's just a gorgeous shade of pink!
  8. I think fuschia looks great with grays, blacks and browns. It will be a nice spot of color when the weather gets cooler.
  9. Noooooooooooooooo not at all :nogood: :roflmfao:
  10. I wouldn't wear it w/ this:


    But I am personally a pretty 'plain' dresser...jeans and dark (usually Dallas Stars) t-shirts and/or black pants....black/white/grey/navy are my staples.... so I usually use my bags for 'pop'. I'm not going to stride out of the house in a kelly green dress and a raspberry bag .... ever... but raspberry w/ a black suit....yum scrum!
  11. ^^OOh I think Glinda needs a raspberry minilisa to spice her outfit up.
  12. Well why not?

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  13. I guess I'm the lone person here who loves pink and red together!!:yes:

  14. [​IMG]

    O.M.G.!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I think it looks great... I mean she can put an extra tiara, wand and shoes in there... maybe even a munchkin!