What do you wear with LV denim bags? HELP!

  1. So, is it ok to wear denim bags with denim or is it a bit too much?

    What do you all wear with your denim BLUE bags?

    I was thinking of getting one and is it worth it and which styles do you recommend? Thanks!
  2. I feel its okay - just don't over do wearing like everything denim.

    We have a customer at the store (love her to death) however, she wore like LV jeans, jacket, the bag, the shoes... and all of us were like "whoa whoa chill on the denim" but yeah... it was funny.

    I don't personally own a denim bag (for obvioius reasons haha) - but really as just an opinion... just don't wear too much denim and you'll be okay. :smile:

    All the denim bags are good sellers - but it just depends on you and what you look for in a purse. (I really like The Baggy Pm, its a good size and it looks great...if I was a women I could justify the $1160.00)
  3. I wear my Neo with white.:love:
  4. To be honest I think you can wear this bag with anything casual.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Copied from Star3777 collection.
    Baggy GM
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Like the other poster said dont over do it. Too much jean is :wtf:
    So pairing it with a pr of jeans is ok or even with black pants and jean jacket but that is as far as i'd go with the jean.( if you're carrying blue)

  5. I have the blue denim baggy PM, i wear it with white tops and jeans and dressy shoes, i use the long strap when i go out with my 2yr old daughter an i switch to sneakers.... You can basically wear it w anything-- polo shirt that are plain.. most prob plain clothes will be better. You can wear it w tank tops,too... depends....
  6. i have the blue Neo-Speedy, and because it's blue denim it can go with any other color. if you wear denim with it, though, only stick to jeans.
  7. i don't have a denim lv, but if i have one, i would only go for 2 denim only in 1 look, like jeans & bag only. or denim shoes & bag only.
  8. i wear my green denim with jeans or those cuffed bermudas, they look great. blue denim can go with anything.
  9. I think the blue denim would go great with jeans and a crisp white shirt. The only thing is that I wouldn't purposely try to match the denim color of your jeans and that of the bag. It looks too planned and matchy matchy.
    Also, it would look cute with a denim skirt and a white or black top, as it would with white bottoms of any kind.
  10. I have the blue Baggy GM and until my Speedy 35 came along I wore it with everything-but unless its really dressy eveningwear blue denim goes with everything IMO and after all, it IS a Louis;)
  11. gorgeous bags and view. ~swoon~
  12. I wear my denim bags with very casual gear.

    Capris, t-shirts, jeans.

    IMO they go w/ nearly anything casual as you can see from the pics above. I have a pic of me and my neo speedy, I'm wearing it w/ jeans and I think it looks great. :P

    let me find it
  13. Here it is: (ME :P ) I love this bag:wlae:

  14. You can wear just about anything with a few exceptions of course. They look great with blue jeans. Please don't wear a denim jacket with any denim bag!! Please! It's too scary and cheapens the look of the bag. :yucky:

    I agree with lvbabydoll, don't try to match the denims. ARG!
  15. I wear denim jeans and anything casual with my Baggy PM. :yes: