What do you wear with Emerald?

  1. :upsidedown: I am seriously fashion-challenged, but I love color. i purchased an Emerald (06) Day off eBay - the description said "teal." It's not at all teal, although in some light, I guess I can see the confusion (and some people think teal includes greenish tones). I guess I should sell it - but my DH loves the color and so do I. You've probably all seen the color - it's Emerald Green!

    With an all-black outfit and some malachite jewelry it of course looks fabulous. I wear it also with a black turtleneck and jeans.

    But what else can I wear with it? Fall is coming - I am a person who can wear fall colors well, but I want the Emerald Day bag to really work with an outfit or two. Any suggestions? I bought a two piece golden brown Tienda Ho outfit, but I'm afraid the Emerald bag makes me look like a park ranger.

    Any thoughts? I am very experimental with color - but I'm terrible with pattern. If I were to purchase patterned tops or dresses - what colors would you see going with Emerald? Obviously, something with that shade of green - but what other colors do you see?

    Any Emerald owners/lovers who'd like to help me - I'd really appreciate it and thanks in advance. I love Sapin as well, but hesitate to buy anything in that color until I figure out better what to wear with dark green leather! ( I even have a pair of Zodiac ankle boots that are the same color as the bag - but that hasn't helped much).

    Black jeans, more black tops and more green jewelry? Is that the key?
  2. Not sure why nobody answered this! I have vert gazon, which I realize is different from emerald, but I match it with black, brown, and khaki pretty readily. I suspect you could do the same with emerald. I don't have any navy, but think that works too. Emerald is very pretty. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. I just bought an emerald first and haven't recieved it yet, but I am envisioning it with navy really well:smile: I have this cute navy skirt suit that has really tiny white polka dots all over it and a skirt with a flippy, pleated hem. I think it will so cute with that!:smile: Also, I don't know how bold you want to be, but orange is the complementary color to green. I could see a summery ivory or white dress with a subtle orange pattern that would look striking with an emerald day!:smile:
  4. Actually, I wear my bright colored bags(03 Emerald, 04 True Red, 04 Eggplant) with bright colors. I don't like to pair bright colored bags with neutral/dark/black colored clothes.

    When I wear neutral colors/black/browns, I wear my dark colored bags. I generally wear Marni/vintage when I carry my bright colored or pastel colored bags.

    These are the colors that'd go well with Emerald:

    Pastel Blue(sky blue), Baby Pink, Deep Purple, Light Lemon Yellow, White, Light Gray, and Navy.

    Since it's a dark color, I wouldn't pair it with another bright primary color, though it works well with deep purple(04 Eggplant color without any red hues).
  5. Fuschia, electric blue, violet, ivory, dark gray! Woohoo!
  6. IMO it would look great with rose, light blue, bordeaux, purple, grey, beige, cream.
  7. I think this color would go with everything except maybe a red, red (that would remind me of Christmas for some reason!)...it would like nice though with like a rust color...you could look at a color wheel that you find in a paint store (or online too I would imagine) and it would give you alot of great ideas...
  8. Interesting. Is there any color we haven't mentioned???
  9. I have an emerald city and I swear it goes with just about everything I wear. I think the key to wearing most Bbag colors successfully is getting over the idea that your bag and outfit have to be "matchy-matchy". Sometimes Bbags look best with an outfit that doesn't have any of the same colors in it!
  10. I think it would look fantastic with something from the purple family... as well as with the other colors mentioned.
  11. There is an old saying that 'Blue and Green should never be seen'. However I think that if you choose the right colours, even this works. I am rather jealous, as I fancy that colour myself!
  12. White outfit. and maybe you can match it with your shoes.
  13. Anything but red or pastels ;)
  14. I agree with many of the responses so far, I'm a personal fan of black and Emerald, so I'd probably try to wear something subdued so the beautifil Emerald would pop.

    Speaking of beautiful Emerald...pictures? I want to ogle!
  15. if you're not into patterns and like solid colours, it might not hurt to try integrating a nice scarf into your outfit for some texture and subtle variation. i'm all about the scarves, and they can work well even through the summer. i can see emerald with beige, brown and white...a nice lightweight knit cashmere scarf in the green colour family, whether darker or lighter, might pull everything together nicely...accessorising does, after all, complete a look.

    let us know if you come up with any great combinations!