What do you wear with denim flats??

  1. I just bought Coach Denim flats on sale for $69 :yahoo:Now I'm wondering what you wear with them? If I wear jeans does the color have to match the flats?? I'm used to wearing white sneakers so I'm clueless :lol: Below is the link to the flats. TIA!!

  2. Anyone?? :confused1:
  3. i would wear black slacks with a white top..preferably a wife beater...maybe a denim jacket on top!!!
  4. they would look great with a short skirt too!!!!

    if you wear them with jeans, i would go with a very light pair....like these:


    so that way, the dark of the shoes stands out.
  5. I like this idea...very cute!!
  6. i was on the internet looking for pictures and more ideas but couldnt find any.
  7. black, khaki or white slacks (pants). even a very dark denim would work.
  8. i'd wear them with a white springy dress.
  9. well, just like denim that we wear as bottoms, you can pretty much wear them with anything casual
  10. I consider dark denim a neutral, so I'd wear the flats with most colors, except another dark denim. Since the shoe is a print, I'd keep the outfit fairly simple. Black, tan, gray, white would all look great against the blue. Make sure, though, that the pant legs is not a wide-cut, as these type of flats tend to look sloppier with a wide leg.