What do you wear with a red lambskin gold hardware Chanel purse?

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  1. I was thinking of selling my vintage red Chanel purse because it has gold hardware, which normally I love, but it seems red and gold make it very difficult to match things with. To me, red and gold remind me of Ketchup and Mustard. I wish my bag had silver hardware :sad: I love red and silver together.

    Anyway, besides white, what else do you think matches red and gold together?
  2. EVERYTHING! lol!
  3. I really don't think it matches everything. It clashes with so much IMO.
  4. Ok. So maybe not everyting, but I think red/gold looks amazing with navy, brown, dark tan, jean color, black, grey, beige, and more colors that I can't think of right now. I'm not so fond of red with pink or purple, but if you are not happy with the h/w then just sell it.
  5. Sell it if you arent that crazy about it. There are PLENTY of people who would like that bag. Get yourself something you like.
  6. I'm with you South! There are so many colors that look fabulous with that bag. I must admit though, I'm a huge fan of silver hardware on bags, so sell it if you're not satisfied.
  7. Sounds like this bag is just not working for you. I usually prefer silver hw, and only have gold hw on a black Chanel bag. I know what you mean about the red and gold, the vintage gold hw seems to be deeper in color, so it's like a dark gold. This is not my favorite combo either, the dark gold vintage hw and red. Maybe sell this bag since it's giving you such trouble.
  8. For me, it is the contrary... I love the red with gold! So I am letting go of my 07 red med/large caviar in silver hw... different folks different strokes!! lol
  9. Yes exactly! The old vintage gold is very different than the new gold that is on all my Chanels now. It's very very yellow deep gold. Almost like 24k whereas the gold used on today's bags looks more like an 18k color.
  10. i have the red lambskin with gold hardware, and i feel that this bag matches almost everything, but probably not with red. Red top/dress with red flap bag is really not me. My avatar is me carring my red flap :smile: I think it works for me in this color.

    or you can go neutral, white and black are always easy to match with :smile:
  11. this bag definitely matches with everything, in the daytime, it goes well with jeans! at night, it goes really well with a black or white dress.. i think its a good one to keep IMO.. the vintage red is TDF and i think no other red can beat the vintage lipstick red!
  12. Red is not meant to blend, it is meant to compliment and stand out, so you are not going to get a match unless you are wearing red. I love to wear red with black, browns, and purples in particular, so the bag REALLY pops. But you can also wear it with blue jeans, blues, grays, whites, yellows/beiges. Think if red as an accessory and complimentary color to your outfit. I will say though that the GHW makes the bag look a little more formal IMHO. I prefer SHW. I wore a vintage tote with GHW today with my chocolate brown suit and my choco brown wool coat. Looked fab, and then when I went to the mall, everyone complimented the bag because it stood out!
  13. It can go with practically anything. Personally, I prefer it with black for a great pop. Gray is also pretty with red and gold.
  14. Didn't you buy the new red with silver h/w or did you you decide on the navy instead?

    I think you should sell the red with gold h/w. The red with silver h/w is much classier in IMO and I love gold h/w much more than silver. ;)
  15. i have the red lambskin with gold too and i LOVE how its the deep gold. i usually prefer silver too. but on a red flap or black flap i prefer the gold. the red flap is absolutely gorgeous with all black (which isnt a problem for me because 99% of my wardrobe is black). I find it can also go with denim, white and grey. I find it can also go with other colours but because im not really a colour person, its nopt for me personally.

    btw. the red lambskin looks absolutely stunning with a pair of 5 inch black louboutins :biggrin: