what do you wear with a MJ??

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  1. Hey guys! I dont have a MJ, but I think they are gorgeous! My only question is, what do you wear them with? Most of them look quite dressy, so I was wondering if you guys mainly use them when you dress up or what....? Also, if anyone has pictures of them with the MJ so I could see your outfit, that would also be helpful!

    *I hope this doesnt sound weird, I just wanna see how people wear their MJ bags!*

  2. My multipockets are real casual. I have seen lots of celebrities carry their Stams with jeans and a T.
  3. I'm a casual kind of gal - I have a Stam, Julia and Hudson. I carry mine as an everyday bag.
  4. I have a Venetia and round hobo and I rarely dress up. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl and I think it looks fine. I really like casual looks with a gorgeous bag in a gorgeous color.
  5. jeans seems to be the general consent, fitted mostly. but i could see the stam with sweats and sunglasses. its all on what fits you the best. but i understand your dilemma, i just got the mj fran, still havent used it becuase i dont know how to lol so im probably just going to sell or something. but mine it metallic, but for other more subdued colors anything goes!
  6. I agree, anything goes. I love when dressy items are worn with super casual things, like matching dress shirts with jeans.
  7. the grat thing about MJ bags is that their beauty for the most part is subtle so you can pretty much wear them with anything. The only bag I find dressy is the stam and that's solely due to the chain handle.