what do you wear with a grey purse?

  1. well?

    not just what colors match, but also styles of clothing. pictures would be helpful.
  2. IMO I think a grey purse would fall into the neutral category therefore you can wear it will alot of colors...
  3. grr

    thats what i thought when i bought it, but then it's just sat in my closet for 3 years.

    i'm trying to get rid of the ones i don't use, but i really like this one....so i'm sorta trying to save it.
  4. I think it would go well with jewel tones like navy, dark red, emerald, purple, yellow, black, white, and jeans. Basically, anything in my wardrobe!! I would stay away from browns. I think it's a good substitute for a black bag.
  5. I have been on the hunt for the right grey bag for some time now specifically because I feel it's a color that will go with everything...I agree that it's a great substitute for black, but I actually like brown and grey together :smile:!
    Yay for grey..keep your bag!!!
  6. Black, navy, burgundy?
  7. Grey looks great with navy, denim, burgandy, wine, pinks, fushias, some taupes and black.. I think grey is a real neutral for the fall.. I also love it with creams and some khakis...
  8. i got it cause it went great with all of my suits...so i could keep the same bag for work most of the week. it has really clean lines i like, and is a tank (dooney e/w tassle).

    but now that i'm more a jeans and a tshirt person, it doesnt seem to go as well. no big loss if i decide to ditch it, but it's one of those things i could see using again in the future, so i'm kinda reluctant.

    do you match it with your shoes?
  9. I recently got a "stone grey" Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere bag, and have been using it nonstop for the last two weeks. IMO, grey goes with any color, including brown. (I think grey and rust brown is an especially nifty combo.)

    As to the *style* of clothing, that depends more on the style of your bag. Is it a structured bag? A slouchy hobo?
  10. Navy,red,black,white ...
    Anything really as long as its not ott.
  11. Some of my favourite colours to wear with grey:
    - fuchsia and magenta
    - turquoise
    - yellow, from mango yellow to mustard
    - navy, dark petrol etc.

    Even some brown shades will do, depending on the shade of the grey.

  12. very good advice!:tup:
  13. I'd wear it with everything except brown.
  14. do you match your shoes with it. i'm sorta anal about crap like that. :o
  15. I think what it goes with totally depends on shade of grey, but generally I think it's close to a neutral color. A lot of it is about perception, we as a culture think that black or browns are the go to colors but i think that a lot of colors can be just as versatile, it's combination of the shade, you're clothing and the attitude you carry the bag with.