What do you wear when you go shopping?

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  1. I usually wear white shirt and seven jeans or juicy track suit. very simple and then make sure I'm carrying LV bag. what do you wear??. :yes:
  2. i'm always dress casual when i carry my speedy... toady im just wearing jeans, a hoodie and skate shoes and i'm off to town in about an hour to do some window shopping with speedy... hehehe! i must look so odd! what a hoot!
  3. Usually jeans, a wife beater/tank top, Chanel Cambon pool slides or some sort of designer ( Gucci, Choo, Dior, Chanel) heels with a great bag and nice/fun jewelry.
  4. jeans, chucks, t-shirt or juicy hoodie. very low key. i hate dressing up. that's why ppl probably assume my bags are fake, b/c i dress down so much. oh well.
  5. Jeans, little t-shirts and sandels all summer! Big pink sunglasses and my LV.:amuse:
  6. I have a BUNCH and I mean a BUNCH of SFAM jeans. I wear a pair of those or my true religions. Depends on my mood. And also a random shirt with a longer undershirt (just in case I crack!) If it's raining I'll use my Burberry tote, if not I'll use my Perle Reade. Sometimes I'll just be holding my damier Porte Valeurs walking around.
  7. pair of designer jeans, chanel sunnies, designer purse are usually the essential pieces haha. i change up the shoes and top depending on mood :smile:
  8. go girl.I think designer jean is the popular one.
  9. I love comfy clothes so I ususally wear Juicy track suit, sunglasses, Tarina Tarantino Pink head jewelry, designers sandals and my Birkin or other designers bag^o^
  10. Love the Pink head jewelry! I just recently got the necklace with Hello Kitty wearing a tiara and she has the long pink hair. I love it :smile:
    Anyway I usually wear a pair of my Sevens or True Religions, then a random shirt (sometimes a polo, sometimes a Junk Food shirt), a Primp jacket if it's cooler and Steve Madden wedges.
  11. 7fam jeans, regular shirt or button down, and maybe a blazer if it's chilly out.. and shoes.. eh. depends on the whole ensemble.
  12. If it's hot, I wear shorts and a top and a pair of nice sandals (love Birkenstocks) or even nice flip-flops. Maybe capris. If it's cooler, I wear my Levi's! :lol:

    I always look nice but I never dress up. For me, it's very casual but great jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and handbag!
  13. designer jeans,polo's,random tee shirts,designer bag,flip flops & sandals..
  14. I am in jeans and some sort of tee/top 99% of the time.:biggrin:
  15. it just depends how i feel, sometimes dressed up or waaaaaaay casual