What do you wear walking around on the beach?

  1. Was just vacationing at beaches in/around Miami, and saw a variety of coverups....wondering what you all super fashion-savvy girls do on the beach!

    Do you walk around in your swimsuit? Do you have coverups - i.e. hoodie, skirt, terry dress, etc.? What kind of bags do you carry there? :p what kind of footwear? foam-type flip flops? thong sandals?
  2. Bikini and TONS of sun block! I only put a cover up on if I am concerned about the sun or cold.
  3. I wear rubber flip flops and put all my stuff in a big canvas tote that I can just throw in the washer later. I also carry a plastic shopping bag to put my wet bathing suit in when I'm done. I usually wear a cotton dress to the beach and walk around in my bikini. However, if I'm walking to get food or somewhere where I have to pass people, I put my dress back on b/c I don't want people to stare at my butt :greengrin:
  4. A bikini and a nice sarong, sometimes a little mini dress on top of my bikini, a large beach hat with great sunnies. I usually end up carrying my sandals and walking bare foot.

    if I'm eating at a beach restaurant or drinking at a bar. (my favourite place Negril Jamaica )

    I'm not one for soaking in the rays, so i like to keep my skin well oiled with sun block.
  5. just a bikini!!:p

    well as you can see in my avatar.. a sweater.. it was FREEZONG that day!! haha
  6. I wear a bikini w/a juicy terry shirred tube dress and a pair of havaianas.
  7. i'll just wear a bikini with a tunic or sarong over. My havainas will normally end up being carried by me or thrown in my billabong/roxy bag when gg to the beach. =) I love summer!! lols
  8. bikini/bathing suit with a nice light tunic or with a nice sarong or coverup skirt. I have a cute mini one that I purchased from J.Crew....
    Always hat---I love the big floopy/chic ones. Sunglasses and tons of sunblock....
  9. i love kaftans. iv got a long pink one with wood beads around the neck that i throw on when i go get food or something. and i have tons of pairs of flip flops, i like to match. my favs are limited edition rock in rio havianas that i got in the haviana store in portugal, they are the prettiest shade of blue
  10. I am very fair skinned, so I wear spf (!) and LONG sleeved sheerish flowy tops over my suits, and cool hats. When it is chilly, I wear Juicy velour hoodies/pants. Sometimes, l/s tees from Threadless with shorts over my suits. I also carry big totes with room for all beach stuff! Peronally, I never walk around in just my suit b/c I don't want to be exposed to the sun that much and I prefer the look and feel of a nice coverup. In my opinion, a lot depends on your age, location, and the "vibe" of the beach you are on!
  11. your supposed to wear clothes to the beach? interesting...:roflmfao:
  12. sundresses
  13. nothing!!! .......JK
    if it's a nice day I wear just a mini wrap around skirt thing for the bottom; I put on more (or less :graucho:)according to the weather
    DEF must have a large hat and sunnies!
    I carry whichever beach totes I feel like carrying, and I'm not one for thongs ,the shoes:p, so I bring my flipflops
    don't wear them when I get to the beach though!
  14. juicy terry dress & flip flops
  15. Now I have pictures of BEACH in my mind,sitting at my desk.....
    I have a bikini, and take some shorts and tank top, or tshirt/dress from American Apparel, or mini skirt to walk around to the bar or get food.
    -BTW people not covering up their butt or torso for men to go to a restaurant is a big NO NO...please be decent....-
    I take a coton canvas bag to put my towel, sunglasses, lotion etc....and I walk in plastic flip flops easy to go in the beach shower with .