What do you wear under mini skirt???

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  1. I have been wondering what everyone wear under a mini skirt or mini dress? Is there a special kind of underwear that I don't know about? I worry about my panty showing when I bend over and I can't relax.
  2. if your undies show when you bend over, the skirt's too short! LOL
  3. Don't bend over!
  4. agree haha

    but i usually wear boy shorts underneath my skirts
  5. ^ agree. boy shorts. :smile:
  6. I wear frenchies anyway, so...
  7. Pardon my ignorance but what are frenchies?
  8. French knickers are much like boy shorts :amuse:
  9. I wear spankys (boy shorts).
  10. Nothing! LOL Just kidding! :p I'm with everyone else, a cute pair of boyshorts.
  11. CK's short shorts
  12. I just wear regular cotton bikini underwear in a color that is similar to the skirt. Although if it is so short I would be seriously worried about flashing I wouldn't wear the skirt.
  13. nothing special, I wear the same things I wear every day
  14. Yeah, that's another thing! If it was that short, I wouldn't bother anyway. I want to feel atleast a little comfortable
    - not walking around & afraid to bend down thinking I'm showing my bits!
  15. Nothing...:graucho:
    Seriously if I wear a mini skirt, the only way I feel comfortable is having opaque tights.
    If not, I don´t bend over and wear boyshorts but that psychological bc honestly no one should ever see your underwear. (unless wind blows !)