What Do You Wear To Work?

  1. I usually dress down for work, because I work with kids and I am out for a promotion, so I am constantly talking to people who I want to make a good impression on.

    So I need lots of clothes that are casual yet important looking.

    Also what should I wear to an interview? I was thinking a line skirt sort of black and white tweed and a white button down tee and maybe a cardigan with either boots or pumps. I guess you would need pics to really know what i'm talking about [​IMG]

    So what do you wear to work?
  2. I work in a corporate-ish atmosphere so I try to wear either suits or assemble outfits that are suity looking, like trousers, a shell and a cardigan, things along the line like that. The outfit you described sounds nice for an interview. Personally I try not to look so cookie cutter (like all navy head to toe) unless you are going into a really conservative firm.

    But I like the outfit you described
  3. I'm a college student and I work in retail. I can wear anything I like as long as it's not extremely revealing and impossible to move around in.
  4. I work in a really laid back atmosphere (video game industry :p )- but do try to look professional since I have to manage a few things. I just tend to wear great jeans, a nice top and mid-height heels. Sometimes a cute dress and shoes. This fall I've been investing in a lot of cute sweater dresses to wear w/ flat riding boots. I also layer with sweaters/jackets depending if I have a meeting where I need to look extra "professional".

    Sometimes I'll still come in a t-shirt/jeans/flip flops outfit....but even that beats what most of the guys wear here. (They're all Tevas and socks...)
  5. I work in a small office. I tend to wear jeans with a cute top almost everyday.
  6. I work in a corporate office. I tend to wear pencil skirts, heels, collared shirts/jackets, the occasional suit if a Board member is coming in to the office. Pretty conservative but I don't have much of a choice.

    I wish I could wear jeans! :smile:
  7. I work in luxury advertising and marketing. I'm in a lot of DVF wrap dresses, theory suits, and suits by Nanette Lepore, Trina Turk, and Rebecca Taylor.
  8. I'm an attorney and in my firm we have to wear suits every day. It does make getting dressed in the morning easy.
  9. I work in Financial Aid Office. I dress pretty casual, pants, top, sometimes a skirt. We are supposed to wear a blazer, jacket.
  10. We have a really strict dress code, so, suits everyday for me.
  11. I work in the fashion industry, so we're allowed more smart casual wardrobes, and people don't think you're nuts if you come all dressed up :p

    I can get away with jeans, but I'm usually in city shorts (never did find the "right" term for them), or dresses, cos they tend to look more put together, even with flats.
  12. I work in gov't and wear business casual. My boss is the one in suits, fortunately. I'm not looking forward to ramping up my wardrobe when I leave the sector, though- suits aren't cheap!
  13. Unofficially, I would describe my workplace's dresscode as.. sexy funeral. I work in retail ! :yes: ..for now, and when I get to practicing, then it'll be Ally McBeal wardrobe styles ! :graucho:
  14. To the OP, your interview outfit sounds great!

    I used to work in IT in the suburbs so jeans were just fine. I lived in jeans, sweaters and boots all f/w.

    I interviewed this summer for a new job and wore a black shirtdress. I can't tell you how great a choice this was...dressed in 5 minutes and it had the polish of a suit when I didn't want to wear a suit when it was 90 degrees out!

    Now I'm starting a new job which is also pretty business casual but I'm going to steer clear of jeans initially and stick with dress slacks and long or short sleeved blouses...no open toed sandals for this last part of summer until I get a feel for the office culture.
  15. The couple of "important" jobs I ahve had over the past 20 years were business casual, when I became a Manager at my last job I wore more business professional outfits because I wanted our office to look more professional. My next job is major business professional and I love dressing in suits and gorgeous shoes and chic jackets. Cant wait.