What Do You Wear to Shop?

  1. Do you dress up, wear high heels, or do you wear casual clothing, flats, thongs (shoes girls, not the undies:rolleyes: ). Do you find that SA treat you different depending on what you are wearing and/or what bag you are carrying?
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  3. I went shopping last week at the Mall at Short Hills (snooty chi-chi mall in NJ). I had on a suit jacket, tee shirt, jeans, my cornflower Balenciaga, and light blue flip-flops. I had no problems getting service in Neimans, Jimmy Choo and Chanel. BUT, I think it's because 1) I'm 36 and I look it, 2) the giant Balenciaga bag I carry, 3) I was shopping at 1:00 in the afternoon, and 4) I look like I'm there to shop, not make the SAs jump through hoops and not buy anything. ;)
  4. I wear something comfortable..mostly flats. However, if i stop by the mall afterwork, i'll be all dressed up and in heels...
  5. Some of it depends on location - we always get better service at the higher end malls (Mazza Galleria or Tysons II Galleria in the DC Area) where the SA's are used to a better ratio of who's buying vs who's looking.

    As long as I wear some make up and a nice ‘shopping ring (be it real or a nice fake)’ I can normally get good SA service whether alone or with the better half

    He tends to only get good service once a relationship has already been established with the SA or after proving his knowledge of said product when the SA’s do the snotty – may I help you/I don’t think you really belong here – routine.

    I’ll be honest – we will both walk and never return if the SA’s don’t ‘warm up’ quickly enough. I can tell you that we will never again shop at Neimans because of repeated rudeness and the ‘better than thou’ attitude found without fail with staff.

    On the upside – Saks has repeated won our business with a staff that is better at recognizing folks that are out to buy regardless of age, clothes or general looks

    I get so tired of SA’s with that ‘better than thou’ attitude. News flash – regardless of suspected social status – the folks that come are customers be they immediate customers, or potential ones…
  6. For me, it depends on the weather. Since it's sunny outside, I tend to wear a lot of camis and jeans/skirts. I'd like to wear nice wedges or platforms too, but the uneven pavement in New York City prevent me from doing that, unless i'm barely walking. So I match it with flip flops and always a fab purse.

    I think SA's treat me by the purse that I'm wearing, definitely that. But when I walk into a store and if I don't get greeted until I have items in my hand, I always have my sales goto the store instead of someone else's commission. Maybe that's because I used to be a SA myself. When I was a SA, I treated everyone equally and you'll be surprised that it's the people who don't dress up that end up buying so much more than the people who dress up like they're going to drop some dollars.
  7. I wear whatever I feel like wearing that day. Most of the time I don't dress up though. I usually buy from an SA that is nice and helpful despite the way I look. As much as I love something, I will not buy from SA who is not helpful.
  8. Oh, the Mall at Short Hills, I think it has to be one of the most intimating places ever...

    I was there one week exactly, and the SA's at Chanel barely gave me the time of day :hrmm: . I was wearing business casual cause I came straight from work with a Fendi bag. Let's just say that the Nordstrom's (a store I fit in much more) got the sale of my Chanel sunglasses instead. :biggrin:

    Although, the LV SA's were awesome and couldn't of been more helpful if they tried.

    I guess it just depends on the store your in and the SA's that are working that day. And being 24 looking like your 21 doesn't help either in that mall.
  9. I usually dress in jeans with flats or sneakers, and carry my paddy or Spy. My experiences with SAs vary. Some are super nice, some are snobby, and some just watch me like I'm up to no good. I hate that! I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I have pink hair and I look like I'm 16. =(
  10. If I'm shopping over my lunch hour, it's whatever I wear to work that day - usually business casual dress and a pair of comfortable dress shoes/sandals. On the weekends I tend to wear jeans, a tank top and flip flops. Gotta have comfortable shoes when I shop :smile:
  11. Jeans and comfy shoes
    Love the Mall st Short Hills-better to go during week and midday-much better service and not so snotty SAs-the weekends are the worst-too crowded and terrible service
  12. I usually wear jeans, t-shirt, and pumas...just want to be comfy when I'm shopping.

    One day, I was wearing my usual attire shopping with my bf, no nice purse this time, just a messenger bag from A|X. I was looking for a nice tote to get so I went to LV in Union Square. I got awesome service! The SA there was so nice, showed me all the styles he thinks is good for me. Although I couldn't decide on a bag in the end, he was very understanding. I'm definitely going back to look for him when I can decide on a bag. :yes:

    The same day...I went into NM and looked at the totes in the Gucci section...there was another couple there, just as young, looking at the stuff too. The difference was, the guy was wearing a YSL messenger bag, and the girl was wearing a LV purse. I was going to ask the SA a question, she was closer to me. She walked right past me to help the other couple who was not even asking for help. I was so annoyed by that. :mad: Just because I'm not carrying any nice purses, doesn't mean I am not a worthy customer. I've never gotten that type of service at the boutiques...so i thought, forget it! If they don't want my business, that's fine. I doubt that I'll be shopping there much anyway. I'll take my business to someone with a better attitude.

    I was just very surprised at that...especially the different attitudes that I got from LV and NM with the same outfit. oh wells, maybe that's part of the attractiveness of LV...great service.
  13. Depends on location, for Chicago shopping at Neiman's, a nice dressier outfit with Chanel flats.
  14. I don't dress up just cause I'm going to a designer store. I always dress up when I go out. Even when I'm tired, I make an effort to look nice. I refuse to go out looking like I just woke up or something like that.
  15. I agree! And I think NM SA's are actually very nice. I got my Rouille Twiggy from NM and the SA couldn't be more helpful. He spent about 45 minutes helping me pick out a color and a size. Then, I didn't have an AMEX so he walked me to the nearest drugstore and helped me buy 15 AMEX gift cards on my debit card. Then he walked me back and kept telling me that it wasn't my fault and that he was so sorry I had to go through all the trouble. Also, he helped me pick out a "softer" and "more distressed" Twiggy!

    For me, I'm a very petite little Asian girl (I'm 19, but I look like I'm 14) and I don't ever wear nice heels, or overly-designer clothes. But I understand the meaning of dressing neatly (something like a nicely pressed shirt and Johnson shorts) and I believe that does go a long way.

    Also, being equally polite to the SA helps. I wouldn't expect them to be too nice to me if I were snooty to them!