What do you wear to malls?


When I go to the mall, I...

  1. put on makeup and dress up nicely...

  2. don't care what the SA or others may think, I just wear whatever I have on...

  3. wear the outfit that I can take off the easiest... so that I can change into new clothes faster...

  4. only care which bag I am carrying, Not what I am wearing...

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  1. I am just wondering how you gals & guys dress when you go to a mall... do you usually dress up nicely?
    or do you not care and just wear jeans and tshirt?
    would you put on makeup just for going to the mall?

    and what bag do you take with you when you go shopping??
  2. jeans, shirt and flipflops for comfort while checking all the stores. about the bag, whichever i think best suits my mood :yes:
  3. since i am dressed up 98% of the time anyway i do not change into "mall chlothes" and during the remaining 2% it can happen you meet me in sweatpants t-shirt gymshoes and no make up :P
  4. The chances of me running into people I know at the mall are highly likely...so I always try to look my best. Usually I like to carry my newest bag which lately is my fuschia perfo pochette.
  5. I get dressed up to go the grocery store! In fact, I get dressed up to walk out and check the mail (no bag - of course)! LOL! I carry which ever bag suits me that day. Lately, it's been my Balenciaga City. But yes, I firmly believe in getting dolled up on a daily basis. Makeup, heels, the whole sha-bang! But that's just me!
  6. I don't care what I wear. That doesn't make me. I have no problem walking out the door in sweats and a tshirt and going to the mall. I did it the day I moved. I don't need to prove anything. They know me when I looked good and when I look bad.
  7. It depends on my mood ;)
    Sometimes, I put make up on when I am not too lazy and wear something nice but sometimes no make up and really casual
  8. For an average mall-casual presentable clothing, with comfortable footwear being the focus if I plan to walk a lot. And a bag that won't get in the way of shopping. For a high end mall or the city I might wear a better top with my jeans :yes:
  9. I have to say:
    'don't care what the SA or others may think, I just wear whatever I have on...'

    Because when I walk out of my house, I always dress [vaguely] respectably regardless whether I go shopping or not (except to buy the newspaper on Sunday morning, LOL)
  10. I try to dress nice & put makeup wherever I go, especially the mall. But there are days I get lazy, then I run into that one person I don't want to see..
  11. my mall isn't nice at all (high-end is american eagle) so I usually just wear jeans, cute shoes, and a top of some sort. nothing fancy! I have all these cute dresses and nowhere to wear them because nothing around here is fancy enough!!
  12. do you feel when you go to those high-end boutiques that you should dressed up more so that the SA don't look at you funny??
  13. hey, the malls the place to SHOW IT OFF BABYY :yahoo: for me anyways! haha. So I try to dress not necessarily nicely, but fashionably. In higher end stores, it really doesn't matter to me--I don't need to impress anyone, so i don't dress up. But i understand how one feels intimidated by wearing sweats sometimes. But i just figure, hey, I'M the one buying clothes so who cares!! :girlsigh: :tender:
  14. I always try to dress fashionably. I would like to not care but then I won't get any service and people look down on you. I always wear nice flats and nice jeans. Also, I usually take my Marc Jacobs Stam bag shopping because I get a lot of compliments on her.
  15. Comfortable shoes if I am planning to really shop. And good "foundation wear" for clothes shopping as well as clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. As for bag, a lighter bag if I'm doing real shopping, otherwise whatever suits my mood!