What do you wear to go out at night?

  1. Obviously it totally depends on the occasion :smile: But let's say you're going to dinner with friends, or a bar, on the weekend... what do you wear?

    I think I've been limiting myself too strictly when it comes to buying "fun" stuff to wear going out... to the point where I actually don't have enough :rolleyes: I'm always telling myself it's not practical to buy another cute top that I can only wear on Saturday nights, but now I feel like I'm wearing the same things all the time. I only have maybe 4 "going-out" tops now (2 of which I really prefer to wear layered together!)

    So... how do you keep coming up with impressively creative outfits when you're going out with the same friends all the time??

  2. Truthfully ... I buy new clothes! :nuts:

    But if you are creative with accessories, it will look like a whole new outfit.
  3. Going out clothes are my favorite!! I probably have about 20 different tops that can be worn with a whole slew of pants....I think you may need just a few more.....but then I always am always hunting for cute evening stuff!
  4. if you've got a budget and don't really wanna spend loads on clothes, accessories are the way to go. splurge it out on shoes, bags, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, hats and such. for example, a white tee + great fitting pair of jeans can look sloppy if paired with, say, a pair of crocs..whereas, if you throw on the Fendi b. belt, LV inclusion bracelet, DVB aviators, pumps and a great bag, you get instant glamour.
    of course, if you've got loads to spend on beautiful clothes (hint hint sonya! hehe), then get stuff that are beautifully cut, and of good quality. nothing beats quality!
  5. Usually if it's casual like that i'll just wear a pair of dark wash True Religion jeans (straight leg or skinny) with some sort of silk top/blouse. Lately i've also been wearing opaque black tights with short silk dresses and pumps, or this one shoooorrttt tweed skirt i have. I get lots of compliments! I also always wear some sort of scarf or headband that matches or compliments the outfit :yes:
  6. I love dresses to go out in. DVF wrap dresses never feel inappropriate... perfect for dinner or a bar. You won't ever worry about appearing too fancy or too casual.

    I also like the cliche jeans and a cute top thing which every college and recent college grad girl does to death... accessories can make it more interest: fancy earrings, a striking clutch.

    Since leggings are in, I've taken advatange of them. At night I like to pair them with a long tunic top which I belt with a big, heavy gold woven-leather belt.
  7. Exactly the same for me !!!
    To me it's also that I get to wear make up and pumps which I don't during the week.
  8. Many years ago, I used to party Thurs -Sat and never repeated a sleeveless blouse. Now a days, I like to wear more simple with less skin baring tops and more accessories. I like the layered look and I love to hang out in a more quieter/intimate lounges :yes:
  9. for dinner, i wore a vintage dresses like DVF's dresses.
    for art or cultural events or just hang out with friends at cafe, i usually wore a boho colourful and light long skirt with cute tops and sometimes a vest or long cardigan.
    for going out dancing, i always wear pants with tops or mini dresses and always wear flats or sneakers.

    i also love to accesorize with necklaces.
  10. Also, if you want to get trendy disposable tops, shop at Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Mango, etc.

    Lately, I've been wearing skirts as dresses with a large belt (like 4 inches) below the bust.

    Before that, I've been wearing black minidresses with over the knee boots and bold gold jewelry.
  11. It really depends where I am going and with who. Also depends on my mood. Okay so that didn't answer your question.

    Sometimes I wear black slack and a nice button down. I always love button downs and I have silk Cavalli ones, Donna Karen lace and just plain white ones. I think its a very crisp and clean look. I also substitute the black pants with jeans sometimes or even velvet pants.

    I also go for sweaters in the winter. I have a lot of cashmere, a lot of black with lace. I am huge fan of lace because I think it is soo feminine. I need to start posting pics of my outfits.

    I love wearing big heels and a great handbag.

    Tonight I am going with our friends for a quite dinner.
    I am going to be wearing seven jeans, a lora piana turquoise cashmere v neck with a hermes scarf (red with turquoise) around my head. I am going to be wearing suede beige boots and i haven't decided on the bag yet.
  12. ^ Sounds cute and classy Minnie...you should post pics!
  13. ^^^yes, I remember seeing some pics from minnie and she has awesome clothes!!!
  14. I'm pretty classic with my wardrobe (but not boring, I hope! :sweatdrop: ) and I don't wear things that are too bare or too short. I was this way even in my 20s...Im in good shape but I don't like too much skin on display. [yes, I will wear shorts and a tank top in summer but not too lowcut and not too short...I'm 39, not 19!] :yes:

    Yes, it depends on the occasion. A night "in" with the girls for some wine and conversation would be a snuggly sweater (maybe slightly off the shoulder, something I wouldn't wear to work), jeans and boots and a great bag.

    Going out with my BF to a casual dinner or movie/drinks is jeans or black slacks, a low cut top (not too low), heels, leather jacket and a pochette or clutch. A dressier occasion? One of my LBDs, heels, my favorite full length black camel hair coat and my silver metal clutch :supacool: .