What do you wear to class??

Dec 14, 2006
my response to another thread got me thinking... what do you wear when you go to class??

I'm usually in the staple college student outfit- Jeans, t-shirt, and a hoodie. Sometimes I feel like dressing up, but where I go to school its SUPER casual and I'd stick out.

so back to the question...what do you girls wear to class?
I actively try to avoid looking like every other student at my school with the obligatory red sweatshirt, ratty jeans, and flip flops.

So, usually, it's crocodile heels, tailored pants, and a cashmere sweater. And when I want to give my calves a break, I recently bought a pair of Miu Miu jeweled flats, and I love how comfortable they are.

I also do go riding 2-3 times per week, so I'm out and about in either jeans/breeches and Ariat riding boots.
Why aren't you in any of my classes? I'm pretty casual but I try not to wear t-shirts and I don't wear sweatshirts. Usually jeans and ballet flats but from the neck-up it varies. I always have a nice bag though unless it's raining.
I dont live on campus, I commute to school.. so I never do the "just rolled out of bed look".. its always a nicer outfit with boots, never once wore sneakers to school..

I carry my books in my oversized Paddington, people love it.. :smile:
Depends on the season! I love summer because I can wear tank tops and skirts and sandals.. but in the winter I'll wear jeans tucked into boots, and a thick sweater or hoodie.. it's cold up here!

Some of my classmates regularly show up in their pajama pants.. even when there is a foot of snow outside :confused1:
I try to dress nicely, simply because I do not like the grungy look. My typical outfit is the layered colored tops, jeans, and ballet flats. BUT I have my days where I just do not feel like doing anything which equals my hard tail fold over pants, yoga pants, or even sweats! --> usually after I pull an all nighter.
I try not to look like I just roll out of bed and go straight to class. Usually, I dress down since I'm an art student and I don't want my nice clothes to get paint on them. If I don't have to go to studio, I'd wear jeans, cashmere sweater and my Jimmy Choo flats. I often wear heels after I pull an all-nighter to keep me awake!
I wear jeans (sevens, true religion, or citizens) and a colored top w/ either flat boots or jeweled flip flops. I always accessorize with a nice necklace or earrings. :yes:
I wear nice jeans (Miss Sixty/Diesel) or nice tailored pants, ballet flats or nice sneakers, a nice shirt/tank-top/blouse or a nice sweater-definitely no hoodies!!
Pretty much sporty-chick.

and a nice handbag of course!:yes:
I go from work to school, so most of the time it's whatever I wear to work (business casual ... nice pants & shirt, flats ... I'm a teacher). Sometimes if I have time I'll change my pants for jeans so I won't wrinkle them up on the drive over.
I wear basically anything (except really casual things, I do not wear sweats or flip flops). But lately I've been pretty preppy (it's a preppy school) so pleated miniskirt or jeans with white shirt or polo and a cardigan over it (metallic Missoni or one with a crest) with a belt, and maybe a crested blazer and maybe a fur scarf. I've been feeling a bit self-concious about wearing anything too crazy though I'm going to be spending this last week on campus in a short white down jacket with an exaggerated collar with either a Roberto Cavalli or Gucci belt at the waist. (I normally don't wear any coats/jackets that aren't fitted -- nothing big and bulky so the belt is a must). I'll probably wear with Marc Jacobs clunky shoes and oversized sunglasses.
my school is basically the capital of southern preppy, but i try to add a little twist to it so i don't blend in so easily. lately it's been pencil skirts of various fabrics and sweater coats or knee-length dresses (mostly from anthropologie) with either tights and french sole ballet flats or knee-high leather boots. i never wear pants or sneakers - i don't even have a pair of pants that i like.

it puts me in a bad mood to go out in sweats - i don't understand why people wear them when they feel fat! if i feel normal and put them on to go outside, they MAKE me feel fat!

the season that looking like an individual really gets to be a problem is summer - it gets so hot here that there's really only so many things you can do with a tank top and a floaty cotton skirt. i rely mainly on jewelry and interesting flip flops (they're a necessity here).
umm I go to school in a hippie area (uc berekely) and I deff wear jeans, flats, chucks, flip flops etc with a basic tshirt hoodie. A few girls in my class actually make fun of other girls who come to school dressed up LOL....and they arent jealous before anyone else says so...ive seen these gurls out of school and they are very stylish! I dont get why people go to school dressed up, or to the mall for that matter...i only dress cute when im out with freinds, dinner, movies, meeting someone etc. NEVER to school...I dont even do my makeup, its such a waste.
I generally dress nice for school, because I can't stand that typical high school kid look - sweatshirt, baggy jeans and skater shoes. It really bothers me. :yucky:

I wear button shirts, turtlenecks, nice jeans, scarves, trench coats, etc.
The only things I won't wear are: dress pants/shoes, blazers, gold sneakers (:heart:), and anything else special.