What do you wear to bed?

  1. What's your bedtime uniform? Whether it's a t-shirt and drawstring pants, a sexy neglige, a flannel two-piece, or commando, do share! How about your fabric of choice?

    How about when you get up in the morning? Do you slip on bunny slippers before your feet touch the floor? Pull on a pair of knee socks and lounge around "just a little bit longer?" Throw on a bathrobe and drag yourself to the kitchen?

    What are your favorite bedtime brands?

    Let us know! :yes:
  2. Love this topic. :yes:

    I have loads of things I wear to bed, from oversized T-shirts to nightshirts to tanks with loungey pants to flannel PJ sets to short silk nighties. I recently took inventory of my stash, and I had about 3 drawers' worth of stuff! I donated some of the older things, but I still have one very chock-full drawer which has about 3 flannel PJ sets plus a couple more summery pairs, a couple of pairs of lounge pants, 4 or so tanks and tees, and at least half a dozen silk nighties. Way more than I reasonably need considering I do laundry every week :shame:

    I have a couple of robes, one silk for summer and one silky flannel-lined floor length one for winter. I do dress/undress in my bedroom, so I wear a robe back and forth to the shower in the morning.
  3. Hee! Generally, I wear cotton pants -- whether boxers, elastic, or drawstring -- and one of the XL t-shirts I've amassed that would never get worn otherwise: the "math cheat sheet" t-shirt I bought in high school*, the Astro Boy anniversary t-shirt I blew just under a hundred dollars on in a crazy impulse purchase while in Hong Kong, a Bush Gardens t-shirt that was bought for me when I was a little girl visiting Florida with my family...

    My favorite "sexy" pair of pyjamas is a purple silk two-piece, and then, if I'm feeling "cool," the bright pink boyshorts that I bought at American Eagle. :yes:

    *Printed upside down so that you can lift the shirt and see the formulas right-side up, and then printed right-side up on the back so that the person behind you can cheat, too.
  4. Boyshorts and camis!
  5. satin pajamas
  6. Right now anything warm. Its cold.
  7. scanty PJ's
  8. When I'm at my boyfriend's place, I wear next to nothing. But only because we snuggle so it gets too hot to wear PJs!;)

    At home, I wear anything and everything. Sweats & camis, silk PJs, boxers and Tshirts. For some reason, I loveee Gap lounge wear, it's affordable and so comfy!
  9. my birthday suit:shame:
  10. Oh, hey. Question for anyone with a knowledge of fabrics:

    Is it worth buying satin pajamas made of man-made fibers (nylon and polyester, as opposed to silk)? I know that polyester doesn't breathe as well as cotton. Would the same hold true for satin? How about lifespan? (Will it become rough after a few hand-washes?)

    Tonight, I'm wearing a men's bedouin nightgown-style shirt. Good night! :heart:
  11. it's all about the birthday suit for me!!!:P
  12. girly boxer shorts and either a cami or tank top. :biggrin:
  13. Old loose t-shirts and panties

    I'm not very glamourous but I also don't have anyone to impress. :shrugs:
  14. Great thread :biggrin:

    I wear old Marimekko T-shirts and old pyjama shorts or skirts.
    I'd like to wear something a bit sexier, but I've stuffed all the sexy silk negliges to the bottom of my closet. But the knowledge that they are there, makes me feel better :biggrin:
  15. T-shirt and pants if there's people.. otherwise, no pants ! :graucho: