what do you wear to an outdoor baseball game?

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  1. no box seats, so i have no clue what to wear since i rarely wear sneakers (and feel i should for some reason?)! i'm freaking out over here!

    any suggestions would help!

  2. When I go to games, I wear jeans, a body-conscious tshirt, cute ballet flats, and bring a hoodie in case it gets cold. No sneakers necessary, though lots of people do wear them there of course.
  3. i would wear cute shorts and a tshirt and some cute flats...idk thats what i would wear!
  4. Jeans, flip flops, polo, Mets hat :smile:

    Really though, just be comfortable. You don't need to wear sneakers.
  5. jeans, flip-flops/flats, cute t-shirt, my favorite black & white North Face fleece
  6. I wear my white Mariners hoodie, my white Mariners baseball cap and jeans!! Puttin' on "the whites," baby!
  7. I have the same problem because I only wear sneakers to the gym.. so for me anything goes but it has to go with flip flops.
  8. I'd go with nice flip flops (not the $3.50/pair kind from old navy), jeans, a cute tee and of course my YANKEES baseball cap!! You should probably bring a long sleeve/hoodie depending on the weather. I think i've also worn heels once, lol.
  9. Cubs tshirt, of course!! Lol, I usually wear clothes that I don't mind getting beer spilled on, since the bleacher bums get a little rowdy. I wear a tee, jeans, and usually closed toe shoes, again, because of the beer/dropped food factor. I bring a hoodie for a night game too. I would just opt for things that are machine washable and comfy and that you wouldn't be devastated to have ruined. I don't even bring a purse, I just put money and my id in my back pocket for that reason.
  10. I would wear, Jeans, T-shirt and my Blue Chargers sweater :biggrin:, and flats, and my LV cherise Haha!
  11. jeans, tank top, hoodie and flats have worked for me.
  12. If you don't want to wear sneakers, I'd go with flip-flops. Anything with heels or something like ballet flats that are too "dressy" and you will be tagged a "bleacher bunny" or something similar. Trust me!
  13. going tonight:shorts, flip flops, a tank a hoodied(jic) and baseball cap, and a cheap purse...
  14. Same. Jeans, nice tank or t (or a nice top if you want to fancy it up a bit) but just stay more to the casual side, and nice pair of flats!
  15. well what I usually wear to a baseeball game is either a cute PHILLIES jersey or tshirt of course!! :biggrin: . a hoodie if it is a night game. cute jeans with flip flops that match.. and maybe a hat.. :smile: